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November 01, 2009


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Good episode first to post


Can't wait!


Monday afternoon - THoR time.


Define 'superfan'?

I would also like to thank Simon, the manager of the facebook fanpage, for his help with this.

M in London

Thanks for another great podcast. I really enjoyed it over the pond here in London. Will donate via paypal this week and I hope it will help with your expenses. A small suggestion? Have you thought about opening an Amazon.com Affiliates Account? If we go to amazon via your page i believe you would get 5-10% of purchases without it costing us, your dedicated listeners, one little pence.

Once again Thank You! These podcasts really help brighten my commute to and from the University of London :)


Anyone else having trouble finding 'Lost to the West' on Audible? I can see it on iTunes, but I want to get it from audible as my free download :)


Hello Mike,
I am currently in Italy studying IR for a year and was wondering if you can provide a list of not to be missed historical Roman sights while touring through Italy. I'm currently studying in Bologna. I am a huge History of Rome fan and have been for a long time (April 08). I draw tons of inspiration from your podcast and find the period covering the rise and fall of Julius Ceaser the most fascinating. Currently catching up on school so i'm a bit backed up with regards to your podcast(life always gets in the way). Keep doing what you are doing.

Thank you for your podcast,

A loyal fan


I'm amazed after stories like this how Rome managed to hold itself together for another 400 years. The Empire's provinces seem so disconnected, doing their own thing with only nominal loyalty to Rome.


I just started listening about a month ago and absolutely love it. I have been listening to all the podcasts non-stop every time I drive anywhere. It's going to suck when I'm all caught up and have to wait a week for the next episode. I'm just wondering how to download podcasts 1-27 or if they exist? By the way, welcome to Austin.


If Mr. Brownworth would like to add Atlanta to his lecture circuit, count me in. Otherwise, it would be great but...stupid economy.


Another great episode. As always, thank you for providing such great entertainment for my commute to work.


To piggy back on what Gregorian said...

Could you maybe mention what the mood/reaction in the provinces was during all this emperor upheaval. You often mention what the reaction of the people of rome was to actions of their rulers, but did it really affect someone in Gaul, Spain or Egypt? Or were they just informed that someone new was going to be on the coins and carried on with life as usual.

Was there any talk of fighting for independence now that there was weakness/uncertainty at the top of the leadership pyramid?


I, too, recently found THoR on itunes and so loved the episodes on the Carthaginian wars that I had to start at the beginning. I have now caught up to this episode and am still enthralled. Bravo!

to answer your question, nrileytx - go to the archived episodes at http://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/the_history_of_rome/2008/11/index.html and download.


I also wanted to pass along my appreciation. Due to my grueling commute, I was eager to find some compelling podcast fare. After first devouring 12 Byzantine Emperors, I dove straight into History of Rome and never looked back. I eagerly await each week's episode. Thanks for all the great work!


For Nick, I found Lost to the West on Audible and downloaded it last week. Simply search by keyword "Lost to the West". Well worth it. I've been enjoying it very much.


Thanks Jim, I can see it now when I'm not logged in but still not when I am logged in - I think perhaps my Australian-ness is precluding me from getting it.


I am definitely interested in the lecture being in austin. And welcome to town. Be glad to point you to local points of interest if you need such things.


Wish he could come to Denver... I've listened to his amazing podcast five times!

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