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October 25, 2009


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John McClendon

The episode is up! Off to hear about the hapless Vitellius...


Can't wait!


I Wanted the first comment hmmp...


Poor Otho.
Perhaps if I was in his situation, I'd prefer to put on some peasants clothes and just sneak off to be a simple farmer for the rest of my life.

It's not like very many people know what you look like. There's no TV, newspapers or photography.



For a true Roman that would be unacceptable.. you would ruin your own honor and that of your family.



Just wanted to let you know I attempted to go to audiblepodcast.com/rome as you always encourage us to do, but the link doesn't work. I'd like to give you credit for getting me to sign up, but the folks at Audible aren't facilitating that effort.



Can you please post your Audible reading list on the website? I'm always in the car while listening....

Keep up the great work and thank you much for the podcast.


Mike, fine podcast as always. Just FYI "Rubicon", which you recommended as an Audible download, is unfortunately not available. It is listed on Amazon, but no Audible at least as far as I could tell. I would love to listen to this title - could you link to it? After reading (listening?)to "Augustus" I an ready for another Rome-filled book...

Keep up the good work!



Try Cicero also by Anthony Everett. A very interesting life in a very interesting time.


Thanks for the suggestion. I'd like to stick with Audible if at all possible since my eysesight is poor and reading really is difficult (I'm all of 40-go figure- yikes!)! That said, I'm open to other sites for download as well. I Cicero available on audio? Thanks again!

That's why I love this podcast (and Dan Carlin's Hardcore History too)...


I raise my glass to Otho.
Such honor in rather honorless times...

darkfall gold

I would love to listen to this title - could you link to it?

Keith Killigrew

Hello Mike, I just love the podcast, it is a real pleasure to listen to. Late night before sleep is my time for listening to this wonderful series.

I have one point to make, it's not about the content but the fact then when I downloaded my iPod from iTunes the podcasts were not in number order, is it something that iTunes can correct. Very best wishes from The County of Worcestershire, UK


Just started listening a couple of weeks ago. I love Roman history and this podcast is awesome. Thanks.

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