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September 16, 2009


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Kim of WA

Congratulations on the nuptials and I look forward to more podcasts. I LOVE the hand-drawn maps, family tree, etc. They are clear and helpful. Personally, I hope you don't go high tech with these items. Keep up the GREAT work. I will eagerly await whatever project you take on next. And I would love to purchase transcripts of this podcast in some form.


Congrats and keep up the good work. Love your podcast. It reminds me of the long, hot history classes when I studied in Rome. It was well worth it and thank you again for such a great podcast.


Have only recently found your podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute so far. I am still back with Octavian. I was wondering though how I can get access to the first 25 episodes?
Thanks for the fascinating look at Roman History.


older eps are explained here


Scott Isaacs

Congratulations on your marriage. I'd just to like to ask you to continue the series through the Byzantine Empire because it's one of the few things that my dad and I can listen to in the car together while we go to and from work and it gives us something to bond over. He doesn't warm up to many podcasts like this but The History of Rome by you has his full attention.

Michael In Houston

As Julia once said, I take on no New Cargo, unless the Cargo-Hold is filled!

She meant that she 'entertaint' new Lovers only when she was already pregnant...go figure?

Michael In Houston

I wonder what your Woman would say?...Entertain me? And, I come from good-family, and I have been in combat...Generations of Combat American Men...How if I take her from you? It is, afterall...my RIGHT!...Under Roman Law!
Interesting...Enjoy your Woman...I allow you. Only, under American Law! ;)
I am not like you. Be evil to her...watch what happens!
I will invoke Roman Law and Cease Her from you.
In an Heart-Beat.



Hey. I found your podcast last thursday and found it so entertaining, well, I've already caught up! Anyways great work and congratulation on the wedding.


Jane Smith

REALLY enjoying the podcasts. Found them about two months ago and have been slowly working my way up to current. Fascinating stuff, and you do a great job. congrats on the marriage, and good luck with the move. We'll all be breathlessly awaiting the next podcast. :)

Oh, and good for you with the Audible ads. You deserve some reward for your hard work!

Rob Mankiewitz

just found this podcast - it really is the best - thank you so much.


750 members on the Facebook group and counting.


Woohoo, almost new parts soon. Can hardly wait. :3

The podcast is brilliant stuff and taught me a lot about old Rome. I've been enjoying it thoroughly. Grats on the marriage, too, naturally!

P.S. In case you haven't seen it, Project Gutenberg has a lot of old texts for free in their archives, such as those of Julius Caesar " http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/authors/c#a3621 " and Cicero's work etc.

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