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September 06, 2009


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Sans Testicles

Thanks for another update Mikey, congrats on the upcoming wedding.


Thanks for another excellent show. Best wishes for the wedding!

dave fernandes

I loved the show. I have heard it from the beginning, sometimes hearing the episodes 3 - 4 times over (although first time I commented)
I love this show. I'm going to REALLY miss this show when you get married. I run every night and this is my companion. What will I do now? I guess reruns (LOL)


I forgot to mention -- I would love a show on the everyday life of a Roman. I wonder if you might integrate that into your show about Roman weddings or make a separate one. Sometimes we get so wrapped in the leaders we forget about the everyday life. Thanks...


I hope that the Roman Emperors are not role models for you in your choosing of a wife. So far we have had Livia, Messalina, Agrippina and Poppaea... Maybe your future wants your Podcast and intends to cast you aside as soon as its within her grasp!

Just kidding
May your wedding be a blast, and your marriage be fruitful. Just avoid the figs!


I just found this on itunes, but it starts with #23e... how can I start at the beginning? is there a way to download podcasts from here? I am a bit techno-challenged...




For Becky (bottom post); this URL has the older episodes-



Thanks! I got it!

Elijah (EvilElitest)

Hey, i've been a long time listener, since the episodes on the Roman legions, and i've been staying with you ever since. This is the single best podcast i've ever seen, and i tend to hold it as the benchmark for any future podcast that happens to come about. The only one that has compared i feel is the "twelve Byzantine Rulers" ironically enough also about Rome.

I just have a few comments. Please don't take it as some sort of criticism, just some things that i've noticed over time

1) Over the course of the series, there seems to be a pattern with nymphanic women who eventually bring scandal upon there men. Augistian's daughter and granddaughter, Claudius' wife, Nero's mother. Why does this keep repeating? The only really powerful political women who isn't sleeping around is Livia and she is either poisoning people if you belive Graves, or is ruthlessly putting Tiberius in power. In the same vein, the old Romans seems were very big on being furgal and conservative, but we have seen this increase in all types of decidence. Is that just the new generation of luxury or is there something else involved
2) The parithian empire has played a key point in these various episodes about rome, but who exactly are they? When talking about Carthage, Spain, Greece, Gaul and the pre Roman Italians, you went into some detail about both there culture and there relation to rome, but who exactly are the parthians. I know they are located in Persians, but wasn't there some other Empire there, the Seluceens or something like that, from Alexander, and the Romans beat them heartily. Why do the Romans fear these guys, and how do they get along. With is Arminia so important to them both, why don't the Romans just annex it. How do these people relate, especially since these two sides have interacted for such a long time, and don't seem to be going away any time soon.
3) This is a more minor thing, but you sometimes seem to skim over the personalities of important people. Whenever you explain a character, you always get a good grasp of there personality, Julius Caesar, crassius, pompey, Brutus, ect ect. but some people are kind of skimmed over. Cato the younger seems to play a big role in the story, but at no point do you really explain the guy's personality, other than conservative and tough. I looked him up later and managed to get your references, but at the time i was rather confused. And some people kinda vanish, like the praetorian prefect under Nero.

But anyways, i love your podcast, and i think you are a wonderful story teller and historian, since i've finally managed to get a good understanding of Roman history. I would like to say, through i think you've heard it before, to keep this going even after the fall of Rome, until the end of the Byzantine age, because there isn't much infomation on it, and the other podcast on it is already over, and only gives a brief over view rather than an indepth look. also its a good follow up to the history of rome, as Byzantine is in a way Rome continued and it would be great if you could explain it in that very cool detailed manner you can pull off. but in the end its your choice

My regards


Hey long time listener (listened to all of them twice now, and made my wife listen the second time through). It is a great podcast and do not understand why there are not more like it...

I was wondering if anyone could comment in this thread or next week's thread about good historic locations to visit off the beaten path in Italy? Of course I will swing by all the main places to see in Rome, and I hope to hit up a few battle sites, etc. I was wondering if anyone knew of anything really special or interesting that might be a little less well known? I am going there in about 3 weeks and would love to get some insider info.

Thanks a lot for helping spread erudition!

John F.

Can anyone tell me if there are History of Rome podcasts starting with episode one and going up to episode 23 with the war with Hannibal?

BTW, I just started listening to the show and I'm stoked!

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights.


for John F.


thanks to Richard for posting the link in an earlier comment.


Is anybody else having trouble getting this episode off of iTunes?


For Andrew,

Yes, I can't understand why. The episode doesn't even appear in the itunes store. MIKE! save us!


To Andrew and Anonym,

You can manually download the episode from thehistoryofrome.typepad.com (at least I could this morning.


to Joshua Northey,

Take loads and loads of pictures and send them Mike!!!

Just do it.


I noticed that the audio quality sounds a little off. Is it because you were on vacation and away from your usual equipment?

1LT Gallo

I just want to say that I have listened to these many times through, and the first thing I did when I got internet connection in Iraq was to download all of the newest episodes. Your Podcast has entertained me thoroughly and given me a strong enough base that I can pick the specific periods that I want to expand on. I loved the episodes surrounding Octavian's rise to Caesar Augustus, what a remarkable and long sighted man he was!

Marco Antonio (Brasil)

Dear Mike: just to congratulate you for the episode. Your sense of humour gives a wonderful touch to the history itself.
And of course: wish you a perfect wedding and a long and happy life. We are all very happy for you both.
"Lux oculorum laetíficat animam"


Hello Mike,

First of all, good luck with the move and the wedding. I hope it's a lovely day.

Next, as it's my first time to comment here let me also say how much I enjoy the podcasts. You have really made learning about this period in history a pleasure.

Lastly, would it be possible to re-upload (is that even a word?) the original episodes on to i-Tunes? I know I can get them from the typepad link but if it's on i-Tunes I can put all the series together on my i-Pod. Also it'll give me something to listen to while you are honeymooning and packing boxes etc!

Keep up the good work!


To MG,

The reason that the episodes are not showing up on iTunes is an RSS feed limit of 50 posts. Some time ago Mike started to bundle the earlier episodes together but for some reason he stopped doing that.

So, in brief, I don't think it's possible to get the earlier episodes on iTunes, sorry.


ps. Welcome to the comment section! Also to the other first-timers we've had over the last few episodes, welcome!


In the last episode you said that Otho was born in 32 BCE making him the youngest of them all. If I'm not mistaken shouldn't that be 32 CE, no worries though it's not like that took away for the greatness of the show.

P.S I hope you have a great wedding and a wonderful break.

Jan, DK

Hey Mike,

Great episode again.. keep em comin'!


Just dropping in to say thanks! I've not listened for a while and suddenly realized I've got about 2 hours of catchup to do. Damn, hard life. Always eloquent, engaging and fascinating, thanks again!


Hi Mike,

A bit of an open-ended question for you:

As you of course already know, today (more or less) marks the woefully-neglected 2000 year anniversary of the disaster in the Teutoberg Forest. How, would you venture to guess, would the history of Rome have played out differently if Herrmann's plot had been foiled and Germania brought under the Roman yoke?

I ask specifically in reference the relations between Rome and the East. With the northern frontier still open, might Rome have delayed or even avoided entanglement with the petty kings of Asia? Or would her victory over the Germans have only made her stronger, and better able to take and hold the East later on?

Not looking for much here - just an impression of someone closer to the material than I.

Thanks for a great series!



Just a quick note to mention that I recently discovered Podcasts and this one in particular. Have been listening to maybe two or three episodes a day. Thank you very much for all your hard work! On a side note, as someone who has gotten married very recently, Good luck. I remember the days of (Last month) "Honey, which flower arrangement do you like?" and "What songs should we play?". But it is all worth it.


Really enjoy listening and congratulations on your wedding! Great Byzantine Podcast 12 Byzantine Rulers by Lars Brown


@ Kemo,

Mike was inspired to do this podcast by 12 Byzantine Rulers. If I remember correctly that is...


Ahh well, this run of podcasts has gotten us from Caesar as a child, through the Julio-Claudians, to start of the next phase of Roman History.

If you have to stop for a while, this aint a bad place.


Otho was not born in 32 b.c. But 32 ad


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