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August 20, 2009


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Steve O'Grady

Women eh?! Strange priorities they have!
I could not be happier for you and your lady, and would like to wish you both all the health, wealth and happiness that you could ever hope for. (If you were going to podcast during the honeymoon, then I would add 'Stealth' to the list as well) I will look forward to catching up with those crazy Romans on your return.

Mark Mullen

Yes, all the best for your wedding and honeymoon. It sounds strange but I feel like you're an old friend I've known for ages. I've listened to your story telling voice for that long and chuckled at your dry humour.

All the best

Mark, Liverpool


Congrats on getting married.

There is already a very good podcast covering Byzantium. http://www.12byzantinerulers.com/

If you do get on to something else I think a different topic would be a good choice. The American History idea sounds intriguing.

George of Japan

Thank you for the update. You are a truly amazing story teller, and I am very much enjoying your podcasts on Rome's history.

Congratulations on your pending marriage and move to the Republic of Texas, as well as the pursuit of your Masters Degree (What will you study? Or is it obvious?).

I wish you all the best, and I look forward to the continuation of the series. Enjoy your honeymoon!


An episode on Roman marriage rites and the Roman family?


C ambrosi

Whatever you cover I'm gonna listen. Now that you are moving to Texas I feel even closer to you I'm from the great plains and my brother is in Houston still. Instead of going forward, maybe you should go back to Greece and it's history before rome. By the way congrats to you and the soon-to-be-history-of-rome



I am sure the rest of the podcasts will be worth the wait.

George is correct about the 12 Byzantine Rulers podcast, it is quite good.


Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

I'm looking forward to this and any other new media project that you work on.

James, UK

OMG Mike.. don't leave us for a month, what on earth are we going to do without a weekly fix?

ot: congratulations and all the best of luck in Texas..

Doug Smith

Your podcasts have helped to crystalize the topic in my thinking leading up to a Masters-level Roman History class I will be taking in the fall. Good luck on the marriage. She and your studies need to be your primary concerns for the next few years. You will be missed. Thank you and good luck.


Congrats & enjoy the new life as a historical couple! Enjoying your broadcast emensly & will have to relisten to the founding while your on hiattas. Good luck love birds!

San Antonio John

WELCOME to the great state of TEXAS!! We will welcome you with open arms as long as you keep dishing out the pod cast, otherwise you and the little misses can pack it up and head back to where ever ya'll came from, you hear?


Many congradulations on your marriage.


Hi Mike, Congrats on your marriage. For your honeymoon I hope you two go in a time portal to Ancient Rome to visit some of the sites from your podcast. Also, good luck on your masters programme!


First of all, congratulations on your wedding and the honeymoon. Though you can probably expect something on the day itself. Or atleast sent on the day itself. Somehow I doubt you will be checking your e-mail on the day of your wedding.

Second, if I remember correctly, last time you moved house you vanished for months, just make sure you really are back on october 18th.

Third. To recommomend a replacement podcast during Mike's absence. Something I've told before, Lars Brownworth (12 Byzantine Rulers) is starting a new podcast about the Normans and the first episode should be up somewhere in September. Could be a nice substite...

And to save the best for last. Thank you! You've been a part of my life for the past 16 months. Or at least your voice has. Though I've never met you, like Mark Mullen said, you almost seem like a friend. Just to say to seem to be an extremely likable person. Again, thank you for everything!

Best Wishes,


Kyle Richardson

I just found your show and i absolutely love it! but i sure do have a lot of catching up to do. So im going to be entering my first year of college next year and i was wondering if you have any suggestions to any amazing roman history books out there? Thanks for doing the show and congrats on the engagement!!




Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials..perhaps a podcast on the wedding traditions of ancient Rome may be forthcoming..
Could you somehow get printed or release(for download maybe?) the transcripts/ podcasts from the beginning to Augustus.so we can read while we cant listen.
thanks and good luck


As a loyal fan of this podcast, I wish to express gratitude to you for starting and faithfully continuing a project of this size for as long as you have.

I am a fellow lover of history (merely as an amateur, however, unfortunately) and of the subjects that are near and dear to my heart, Roman civilization forms the very center of my interests. Your podcast is one of a handful of bright spots I look forward to every week.

While I find it unfortunate that you do not wish to exceed the fall of the Western Empire in your scope (as Byzantine history is by far the pinnacle of my interest in the mountain that is Roman civilization), I can fully understand your hesitation.

As a fan and as a fellow human being, I wish you all the best in life, as the enviable seas of matrimony are tumultuous indeed.

M East Coast Australia

Best wishes Mike. i really enjoy your podcasts and look forward to the next couple of weeks and to your return in October. Have a gorgeous wedding day and a wonderful break.

Absence can make the heart grow fonder - i remember how excited I was last time you returned from your no doubt much needed break. Are you just a big tease?


Unlike the Main Stream Media, geeks have long memories. If you come back in three years there will be a majority of us ready to hop back on with whatever your new project is. (It would coincidentally be awesome for me as a Jefferson fanboy if you choose American History) Maybe you could hit up NPR on the comeback to remind us nerds "hey, remember that guy you liked? he's doin stuff again".
Congrads on the wedding, and have fun.


Congratulations about the wedding

An episode about Roman Marriage and family life would actually be a good idea, you should look in to that.

Kyle (High School Student)


O Hymen Hymenee! Congratulations to you and the future Mrs.

Just found your podcast this summer, and I must say that catching up with the episodes has been such a pleasure. It's been helpful during this transition period in which I've started a masters degree in teaching (Latin) and moved to a new city myself. Thanks so much.

Best of luck to you with your masters, move and marriage. Remember, Amor omnia vincit.


A wedding with everyone in Togas would be brilliant.

As for what you do in about 400 years time, well, worry about that then. Alot of Emperors to get through in the mean time.


does anyone know a way to get all of the episodes on itunes?? I am only able to download from episode 22 up.

I just found this prodcast and LOVE it and would like to start from the begining!

Thanks for your help guys!


I'm in San Angelo at the moment but I go to Austin every so often and I would love to buy you and the Mrs. a drink if you are interested.



Congratulations! Even living in the Netherlands I would sure welcome an American History follow-up after you wrap up this Roman business. All in due course of course, and only if your and the future Mrs HoR's happiness won't suffer. Priorities, right? Until then I'll enjoy the ride towards 476!


This is exciting. My own wedding follows yours by a week! I was looking forward to returning from my honeymoon in Scotland and Ireland to a nice treasure trove of new episodes but, I will settle for that schedule.
Congratulations and enjoy your honeymoon and your new home.

Andre Wemans

Dear Mike,

Congrats on your pending wending and my best wishes for you and your bride, may you both have a life full and happy.

As other poster said I will listen what ever you decide to cover since you are a marvellous story teller and turn a live the ancient Romans by the way you tell the history.

Best wishes and we all will be waiting for your return after the honeymoon so there is no need to start arranging problems with your future wife.

Andre Wemans, Portugal.

Julie K. McCoy

Congratulations on your wedding and impending honeymoon. And, of course, your future studies.

I have greatly enjoyed the History of Rome since its inception, and been astonished that you've kept it up at such high quality all along. If anything, the history of the Roman Empire itself demonstrates that nothing lasts forever, and, like other historical epics (say, Titanic), we all now more or less how it ends.

That said, I can see where you might return at a later date to some of the chapters you've glided over to color in some detail. I'm always keen on 'day in the life of' history, and your descriptions of the political processes at various points in Roman history has been as engaging as coverage of modern politics.

So, the History of Rome: it may one day end, but it can continue to grow.


Go Team Mike! Congratulation on your marriage and, just to echo a few voices here, I've enjoyed your podcast immensely. Thanks for all you've done and thanks for continuing the program given the ups and downs that life throws at you.

I have a few book suggestions for Kyle... I'm currently reading Caesar: Life of a Colossus by Adrian Goldsworthy. The book reads more like a story than your standard academic texts, which I like. There's also Peter Heather's The Fall of Roman Empire, and of course Edward Gibbon's volumes. One book that I found OUTSTANDING to flip through was As The Romans Did (edited by Jo-ann Shelton). It contains a bunch of primary source material explaining nearly everything about Roman culture. A little pricey, but it's pretty nice to return to every now and then.

Hope this helps!

Liz Tracey

To Kyle Richardson:

I just finished reading Rubicon by Tom Holland, and cannot recommend it enough. It was both excellent history and a "ripping read" -- so much so that when I think of the title I often append an exclamation point to it.

Big Wally

Thanks to you and the soon-to-be Mrs. for making my world a more interesting place. I really appreciate and benefit from the gifts of your time and talent.


Congratulations on the wedding I wish you and your wife all the best.
I enjoy you podcast I look forward to it each and every week.
Enjoy your wedding and honeymoon.


Well, Mike, whatever history show you put out I will listen too. I'm not an American, a Canadian actually, but I would be more than happy to listen to your version of "The History of The U.S.". I think anyone who has any respect for democracy and/or freedom has to at least have some interest in the founding fathers.

Anyways, I'm here until the end. Best of luck!

Garrett Walsh

Dear Mike,

I would like to let you know just how great this podcast has been. I really do feel like I'm losing a friend here. I live in the downtown Austin area, and I have a truck, so if there is anything I can do to help with moving in, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at Imahoss1030@yahoo.com



Congratulations, Mike! Although to be honest, on the merits of marriage I'm with William Godwin: anarchy is the surest way forward for men and women alike. Notwithstanding a wedding being a fantastic excuse for a boogie. Enjoy.



I like the special episodes. The marriage episode is a good idea and the Christmas episode was a good one as well. I think you could crank out at least 3 months of episodes covering things like religion, food, bondage, architecture, women's rights and the like without disrupting the flow of the shows through time.

Alastair from Edinburgh

Congratulations to you both and every good wish for a long and happy life together. I shall await your return to podcasting with bated breath. And shall probably go back to episode 1 and relisten right from the start! Texas is a long way from cool, rainy, mountainous Scotland, but like so many of your international fan club have said, it feels like you're an old friend.


Put your gift registry up. Maybe someone will buy you a Cuisinart.


First, Congrats - I wish you all the best for a long, happy life together.

Second, I nearly swooned at the thought of a History of Mesopotamia podcast.

Marduk would be pleased.

Allen in Southampton, England

Congratulations on your forthcoming nuptials.

I am glad that you will be continuing until the demise of the Western Empire and am envious that you can return to School, that sounds like much more fun than the day job (well mine anyway).

Thanks ever so much for the podcasts so far, they are just so informative and have debunked the Robert Graves and HBO views of the world.

Incidentally I visited Fishbourne Palace near Portsmouth in England, not far from where I live. It is to be recommended as a site worthy of visiting to see some of how Romans colonised this far island on the edge of the world.

Best Wishes and thanks again..

John Ward

Hearty congratulations to both of you from a very wet and windy Cornwall! I suppose we can get along without you for a few weeks (only a few mind!) - but please Mrs Mike, bring him back safe and sound for us!

Mike - would like to thank you for the many hours of fascinating and enjoyable Roman delight. I've walked for miles across moorland with you at my side (hope that doesn't sound too freaky!). I grew up in the County of Essex (not 'Essex County' - sorry to be pedantic) and visited Colchester(Camulodunum)Castle many times on school trips. Seeing (and still being able to touch back in the 1970s) the remains of the Temple of Claudius marked the beginning of a lifelong fascination with the Republic and Empire which your excellent work has re-invigorated. Thanks again and enjoy!



I love the show and would absolutely enjoy any other you would be interested in doing, be it US history or Mesopotamia.


Hi Mike,

Well done on the up coming nuptials, enjoy the day and I hope it will be for you, as it was for myself, the best day of your life. As for the direction of the show, it is your baby, so do with it as you will. As one of the “international” listeners I will take your word for your American Political History thing being cool, I have always enjoyed US history and could not imagine not enjoying it if you get that far.

Once again well done and congratulations to you and the soon to be bride.

Justin – Sydney Australia.


Grats on the marriage! While I would love to hear to 1453 I understand the limitations. Either way, keep up the good work and please continue on some sort of project. You have a rare gift indeed!

Ecce Nerdo

Congrats on the nuptuials!

I love this podcast and have learned much more from this than podcasts of college lectures.

I will definitely listen to other podcasts, but I would love to hear your take on the Byzantines. 12 Byzantine Emperors was fantastic, but it only looks at 12 Emperors and I'm sure you'd go much more in-depth.

Thank you for your excellent work and I wish you the best in Texas!

Luke Baxter

I would like to extend my congratulations too. I was going to also recommmend the 12 Byzantine Rulers, it's not quite as good as History of Rome but if Mike is going to stop at the fall of Rome it does mean there's a continuum.
From a Brit, I'd be more than happy to have a US history podcast from Mike. So far, I've found that US podcasters do history better than us Brits. Mike and Dan Carlin are both excellent, the Brit ones tend to be people obviously reading from scripts and I'd rather read myself.

Sean B

Congrats on moving forward in life!

On Podcasts: I think you should resist the pressure to do byzantium since its clearly something you are not entirely comfortable with.

However, I as well would love to see more work from you. Obviously what you do is up to you, but as the great and already linked 12 byzantine rulers shows, you don't need to keep up a weekly schedule. A monthly podcast can work fine, especially when its such good quality.


I’ll anxiously await your return, but wish you all the best. Have a great honeymoon and move. I have to admit that I kinda like the image I have of you researching in the mind-addling heat of your second story apartment. I’m hopeful that this is will remain a feature of THoR – after all, Texas is pretty hot. Chopin coughing blood onto the piano keys, Keats wheezing through some Ode or another, Mike sweating over his microphone – it’s a beautiful thing. Such dedication.

To Kyle (the high school student): Mike’s broadcast will be a great introduction to the whole shebang for you, and give you a solid context for further reading. For the time being, as a literature teacher, I’d suggest you indulge in some of the great literature concerning the period before you know too much about it to enjoy the books. Thornton Wilder’s Ides of March, though wretchedly inaccurate, is one of the best books that I have ever read, and if it doesn’t stir something within you, you’re not human. I also love Howard Fast’s Spartacus – it’s way better than the movie, and the prose has a liquid beauty, a sensuality even, that will make you beg for more. I saw someone on a different thread suggest John Williams’ Augustus, but I would save that one for later. You need a good bit of background information to feel like you can even breathe while reading it. But it’s pretty good. People will probably hate on me for this one, but Robert Graves’ books I, Claudius and Claudius the God have probably hooked more people on Rome than anything before or since. Read them, enjoy them, and separate the fact from fiction later. I also really loved Jack Whyte’s Camulod Chronicles, especially the first two books, which will give you a great sense of Roman military life and procedures, and also explores Rome’s fading influence in Britain as the Empire falls and the “Dark Ages” begin. There are so many great options out there, Colleen McCullough’s Rome series, Robert Harris’ Imperium, or Marguerite Yourcenar’s masterpiece Memoirs of Hadrian to name a few, but just go where your interests are for now. If you absolutely have to dive into the ancient writers, maybe start with Suetonius – his ADHD-esque writing style and focus on all the lurid, gossipy details works well with modern readers. Yikes, this got long fast! Sorry for dominating the message board.


Congrats Duncan! I love the idea for an American History podcast...keep up the great work!


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I hope you and the soon-to-be Mrs. History of Rome have a fun and relaxing honeymoon!

The upcoming podcasts sound interesting, especially the one on Roman wedding customs.

Thanks for all of your work on these. It is greatly appreciated!!!

Larry Bethune

Mike and Brandi, congratulations on your wedding and move to Austin. We are 5 days away from setting an all time record for 100 degree days this summer, but otherwise Austin is a wonderful place to live. I am the Senior Pastor of the University Baptist Church across the street from the UT campus. If we can help you during your transition to Austin, please let us know. I spent some time in Rome last summer during a sabbatical, and I have enjoyed your podcasts so much, I would love the privilege of taking you both to dinner (Texas barbecue? Mexican food? Fine Italian?) when you get here to thank you. Meanwhile, may your wedding and move be surrounded by joy!


I really lllooovvveee this podcast. It's like "As the Rome World Turns" or "Days of the Empire" get it :c).... anyway congradulations on your marriage to Miss History of Rome. I hope you all have a great honeymoon.

PS Please do a special podcast on Lucius Domitius Aurelianus and Flavius Stilicho I love these guy.



Congrats!!! I did enjoy your podcasts on MY old men. GREETINGS from ITALY!!! and all the best for your wedding.
I look forward to hearing your podcasts again soon. take care

Gwyn Fuqua

As a girl in her twenties, I am admittedly not your typical listener, however I have found this podcast absolutely riveting. I have become like a six year old on Christmas every time a new podcast is available. I appreciate your ability to turn what some would consider "boring history" into a fantastic story. That is a rare gift. Your sense of humor only adds to the enjoyment. I can't imagine the sheer amount of research you must do from week to week. You deserve a break! Congratulations, and I will wait as long as it takes with anticipation! Thanks so much!

Sam Oppenheim

Congratulations! All the best! I can't wait to hear more when you get back, but you take as long as you need to, I dutifully awaited your return last time you took a hiatus and that was a longer one than a mere 4 weeks!

Have a wonderfully blessed wedding and cheers!!! this podcast has intrigued and educated me for the past 2.5 years and I am so glad you continue to present it when you can!


All the best for your wedding and move. I've absolutely enjoyed your podcast.


Congratulations!! As a fellow engaged couple, we couldn't be happier for you and the future Mrs. History of Rome! AND, we were at that Iron and Wine show! AND by at that show, I mean we actually live in Austin!

We are ecstatic that you're moving here! We've joked about how great it would be to visit our friends in Portland and accidently stumble upon the witty, engaging Mike Duncan!

Seriously, you've provided so many hours of entertainment (and gotten me through numerous dull lab shifts) you've got to let us treat y'all to dinner. Send us an e-mail! We'll give you until 10/18 before we hound you (gotta respect the nuptial/moving time)

By the way, feel free to check out our wedding site: www.beckyandbridges.weddings.com just so you can see we're not a creepy, stalker couple!

Jo Pulcini

Congrats on the the changes Mike. Gotta watch out with American History. Everything is so damned politicized anymore. You'll get some nutjobs commenting.

Again, love the show and I wish you and the better half a safe move to Austin.

Chris Pencis

Congratulations! And best wishes in your travels to Austin - my fair city! Drop me a line if you'd like a tip or two from a local, and give me an opportunity to buy you a beer or two in thanks for this great podcast!


Congratulations! I just got married too. It's great.

Have a great time off, and look forward to hearing more from you when you get back.

I wish you both a long, healthy and happy life together.

Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Dave, Nairobi

Will Edwards

Very best wishes for your wedding - have a great day. The program is wonderful; I will miss it alot; don't give up.


Congratulations on your impending nuptials!

As a resident of Texas, I officially welcome another history buff to the state. Shame you aren't moving to the gulf coast then you could argue the finer points of medival history with my mom..who got her masters in history in the early 60's and passed her obsession with all things historical down to me.

Take Care and Good Luck


Cliff Newman

OK, Mike, go ahead and get married. I did it 42 years ago this Sept 25 and I'm still happily married to the same woman. It's a great institution. But please, PLEASE, dump the idea of an American history. They are a dime a dozen. Stick with the ancient eras: Mesopatamia, the Assyrians, Alexander, the Phoenicians... They are all awaiting your deft and witty touch. And there is way less reading to do.
Best wishes on the upcoming nuptials.


Congrats on your upcoming marriage.

Re: The whole Bysantine thing, I'm happy wherever you choose to stop. This is my favourite podcast, and I'd prefer you kept it to it's high standard, and it remain something that you enjoy doing.

I'll also happily check back every so often to see if you change your mind :)

I hope you and your wife to be enjoy your day, and your move (yeah, right) and have a good time.


Congratulations! It sounds like the next great chapter.

I have listened from the beginning. It has answered so many questions that I have had in understanding Rome, especially before the empire.

There is another podcast that went out several years ago that covered the Byzantine Empire, from 470 to the fall of Byzantium: "12 Byzantine Rulers". His style was similar to yours by presenting people and events in a way that we can fully understand them. They seem to still be available for download.

After the Fall of the West I plan to break them out and listen to them again, and I expect a better and fuller understanding.


Welcome to Austin. I am sure you have many listeners here.


Congratulations, Mike. I've been a long time listener, but wanted to extend my best wishes. That place sounds like a fun place to have a wedding.

Re. the decision to fish or cut bait with Romulus Augustus, it's understandable. The Byzantine Empire really starts to become a different world from Rome, particularly after the end of Justinian's reign.

Still, it'd be cool if you took the leap.



You totally deserve some time off, congratulations.

And welcome to Texas!

As for how this podcast series will end, I kinda feel like there's already a great podcast out there that addresses Byzantine civilization, so why bother. I would much rather hear one or two final "conclusion" episodes where you sort of bring the series to a proper end and maybe give a few personal notes about your podcasting experience.

I know it will be good no matter what you do!



I've posted before, and I cant say it enough - THOR is the finest, most meaningful podcast out there. You have opened my mind up to an incredible history - you have also motivated me to study further the history of an apparently long passed civilisation - in doing so I have found not just tremendous interest but also seen that the probems I (and we) experience today precisely mirror those of the past. An obvious point I now realise, but not obvious to me up to now. I'm from England, and possibly older than you. But when I'm old (hopefully), if I'm ever asked about teachers that have inspired me, Mike Duncan will be high on the list. That'll confuse the buggers.


sorry, meant to add to my previous post but got excited and posted prematurely (I'm sure your honeymoon will go much better)...

very best wishes for your wedding and life together to you and the imminent Mrs THOR. If you are ever both in England, anywhere near London, you have free board and lodgings for as long as you want it.

Love to you both



I love your show, don t let us down 1,000 years before the real fall of Rome. Imagine the podcasts on the Crusades for example!

Thanks again big time for this wonderful podcast.

A French fan

tim Fauber

Mike, Words for my appreciation allude me so I clicked on the donate button and sent you cash. Congrats on your upcoming marriage. I don’t care when you finish, but please do.

stephanie in Houston

Congratulation on the wedding and on the wonderful opportunity to live in Austin!! I did my undergrad there and I would love to move back. Good luck adapting to the summer weather though - it took me awhile after growing up in Chicago. We go up for all the football games and like Robert I'd love to buy the two of you a drink or some pre-game Migas to thank you for the wonderful podcast. You got me thru Hurricane Ike aftermath and I thank you!

Hook 'em!!!!


Congratulations Mike, I agree with all the comments above, the 12 Bizantine Rulers podcast is quite good.

and welcome to Austin! and if after the honeymoon and settling you wanna go bar hopping with me and my buddies (all 32+ somethings) ping me. The wife permitting, hehehe.

Simon Power


I have long thought about posting but the shocking announcement that Imperial Rome doesnt continue to the present day and therefore there would be an end to these podcasts forced me to put fingers to keyboard.

In all honesty you have a gift for podcasting, its a new age skill - how do you write a lesson for an audience on the go? How do you build a relationship with listeners that you will never meet but draw them into your stories, without lecturing (much :-) but by sharing the experience and you certainly have the knack. There are many historians but few storytellers and as your life changes in wonderful ways (my wife told me to say that) you should think carefully before abandoning the podcast airways.

As many have said I would pay for this podcast and would pay for a series say on American history or whatever takes your fancy - because I know what I will get - erudite, passionate history brought to life - a gift indeed. You sir were born to podcast - I say to other people - The History of Rome is like ... well its like .... um ...well ... Exactly.

I hope you have a wonderful wedding and come back to us soon.



Congrats on your nuptials. And I agree with George, the podcast 12 Byzantine Rulers is a wonderful resource.

Dan Lanham

Congratulations from a new fan of The History of Rome. I'm just getting caught up about the same time you'll be taking your honeymoon hiatus. Maybe I shouldn't have blown through the past 67 episodes so quickly. I'll have to make the final two I have yet to listen to last me a month.

Phil Cantliffe

Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed and continue to enjoy your podcasts. Entertaining and informative it's a pleasure to listen to(although at the end of the episode it seems like a week is a long time).As for the continuing with the history after the fifth century I think it would take a lot of time and effort to complete such a task(would begging help?)Congratulations again thanks for the ever excellent podcasts.

Anne Yantha

Congratulations and best of luck on your upcoming marriage! I don't blame you at all from taking some time off, though I'm glad we haven't reached the end quite yet.

What are you going to be taking in school?

Sean Z (Los Angeles, CA)

This is quite an old thread by now, but I found your podcast sometime around Christmas 2008 and have been enjoying it immensely ever since.

I echo the thought that you should go back in time and cover the Greek empire next. Both Roman and Greek history fascinate me.

I hope your marriage is being blessed!

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