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August 23, 2009


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And today (24th Aug.) it's 1930 years ago to do day since the infamous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

Just noticed, pretty nice touch


I wonder what you would hear if you played this episode backwards


Nero is the walrus? ;)

The History of Rome

You guys are cracking me up. I've got half a mind to go back and lay in a reversed track just for the fun of it.


that'd be really cool.


You're really going to do an episode on Roman Marriage Customs/ Roman Family? That's great! I brought it up but never thought you'd really consider it :-)


If you do lay in a reverse track, how would I go about listening to it?

Russell Davis

Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

clark dimond

I highly recommend the 1972 National Book Award-winner "Augustus" by John Williams. It's in print and Kindle editions.


Hey Mike, just wanted to let you know that i'm a senior this year who is doing a term paper on the fall of the roman republic. i found your podcast, and it has, so far, been the most helpful thing that i can get my hands on! You're providing great and detailed information, and i really appreciate it. You are also helping me know what topics to search for as i try and find sources to cite for this paper. I just wanted to say hey, and thanks! I was also wondering what sources you use for your own research, if that is something that you can share, of course.
Thank you :)

Charles Kuester

Mike, Congratulations on your wedding.

An interesting thing about the Number of the Beast: when 666 is written in roman numerals (as St. John did) it's DCLXVI -- the first six roman numerals written backwards. The modern equivalent would be 654,321.

I really enjoy the podcast.


Just wanted to say I that I think you do a great job - my background and own podcast is based on science, but the topics you cover (not just history, but humanity and human nature and what we have learned from the past.. or not) is universal - and congratulations on the impending nuptials!


Hi Mike,

Congrats on the upcoming marriage. Love the podcasts. Best Wishes to you and your wife to be.

Dublin, Ireland


Great podcast.

Count me as another vote for carrying it all the way to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. I look forward to each new podcast every week.

Matt Herndon

Hi Mike...Thanks for the honest, objective account of my Christian forebearers. I'm very willing to admit that church father's "scape-goated" Nero as the evil tyrant he (mostly) was.

However, the book of Revelation is singular, not plural. Common mistake. No worries. God forgives. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Also, would your audience understand the cannibalism reference?

Congrats on getting married. Marriage is sacred. (Sorry, couldn't resist again.)

Matt Herndon / St. Louis

Søren Nielsen

Thank you for doing these podcast I enjoy them very much!

Copenhagen, Denmark.


Hey there Mike,congrats on the upcoming wedding. While it is popular in the secular world to associate nero with the 666 designation,it just is not biblically accurate.Certain things need to happen BEFORE the appearance of the antichrist which the Apostle John wrote about in the book of revelation. Namely the rapture of the church and the war of Gog and Magog. These things will usher in the great tribulation and then the anti christ will make his appearance.While I have loved the history of rome podcast,you may want to research more thoroughly the biblical resources when speaking of Christianity and not just the secular sources.


Hey Mike,

long time listener first time caller. Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials, a rome loving woman is hard to find.

How about for the big finale going from Heraclius to Basil the Bulgar Slayer and then straight to 1453. 26 minutes should just about cover it :^)


Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and good luck in the move to Austin. Your podcast will be much missed in your absence!


Hi Mike, congratulations on the forthcoming wedding and good luck on the move. You CANNOT stop doing these podcasts, at least do the Flavians before you call it a day. As for all the Christian comments, do these people realise Christianity is a cult. It'll never catch on hehe.


Congratulations to your marriage. Honestly, it is like you are an older brother which I have known my whole life. You have validated my wish to study history.
Once again Congratulations to your marriage. I just hope you find the time to continue your wonderful podcast.

Matt Herndon

Note to Ian...I'm trying VERY hard not to let my Christian brothers and sisters know that they're in a cult, and I do not appreciate you letting the cat out of the bag. Please, shhhh.

Note to Barry...I think Mike was speaking tongue-in-cheek about whether or not Nero was the anti-christ. In point of fact, I'd note that the New Testament comments on many antichrists in present, past and future (1 Jn. 2:18,22).

Note to Mike...Sorry to get you caught up in internecine Christian squabbles. BTW, Austin's a great city. Lived their for two years. Go see the bats!

Matt Herndon
St. Louis


Sorry Matt, if we ignore them they might just fizzle out and fade away into the ether. Here's hoping lol



Love the podcast and give my best to your lovely new wife.

I wanted to offer my services to your podcast.

I am fortunate enough to be currently living in Germany..right on the Rhine.
Xanten-Haltern-Neuss-Cologne-Trier-Mainz-Nijmegan-Utrecht and many other Roman towns are just a stone's throw away.

So if you ever felt like adding some photographs to your podcast, let me know. I would be happy to jump on a train and snap some photos of walls, battlefields or anything else.



Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Love your podcast will have to go back and see if I missed any while you are taking your well-deserved break.


aion kinah

I look forward to each new podcast every week.


Quoting: " And today (24th Aug.) it's 1930 years ago to do day since the infamous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

Just noticed, pretty nice touch

Posted by: Detlef | August 24, 2009 at 12:23 AM"

When did we shift to the current calendar system? Was it after that? In which case I'm confused about whether to add or subtract 11 days.....

Really enjoying the episodes btw, just a bit behind the rest of you!!!

supra shoes

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