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May 31, 2009


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thanks for the link to the deeds..another fine broadcast.

wish Augustus could have stayed around a bit longer


Hiya Mike,
I felt compelled to come on here and express my thanks for making my most favouritist (thats a word right) podcast.
I ripped through the 60ish previous podcasts in days and now having to wait a week for each new episode is torture!
My only complaints.... Make the podcasts longer and more frequent (but thats just me being selfish)

So again, thanks for producing this brilliant series and keep it up :)


Thanks - again - from Holland for this fine addicting podcast!


As we are just about there, I was wondering if you will be covering St. Peter. I know he isn't a Roman and that Christianity is not yet substantially influencing the Empire but this is a pretty huge figure that is about to drop right into the city. It would be a shame if he were completely ignored. Especially since Spartacus got a whole episode without doing much more than making himself a bullet point on Crassus and Pompey's resumes.

Mark Mullen, Liverpool, UK

Hi Mike,

Jese I just read those deeds and that guy didn't hold back on shouting about himself. It seemed more a advertisment for the Octavian Corporation than anything else! I'm surprised he didn't add 'And the senate in their infinite wisdom without a single threat from myself upon them, decreed that I was actually the first son of a one true God and shall forever be remembered thus.'

Ahem similarities with the oh so vain Mark Anthony anyone!?

Haha keep up the good work Mike.

Mark, Liverpool


I would like to concur with Jim above, I would be very interested in hearing something about the nascent christian church, especially from the Roman point of view. And Thanks again for the excellent podcast.


Mike, fantastic podcast, I also left a 5 star review for you on I tunes, In this episode you mentioned the BBC I Claudius series, where can I get hold of the show?

Thanks again for the great show
Sudbury, Canada


A fantastic series, a real labour of love, but, Mike, why not suggest that your listeners actually (shock horror)READ the books, I Claudius and Claudius the God, by Robert Graves. Don't know if they are still in print but should be in libraries and on Amazon.

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