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May 03, 2009


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I'd be fine with ads as long as it is just in the beginning of end of the episode preferably beginning


Thank you for a great podcast! I listen to other podcasts that advertise, as long as it is kept short and is done at the start or end of the podcast , it will be good. We want you to keep doing this for a long time.

Nic Payton

Hello Mike, your podcast is simply the best on the net, as far as I can tell. I see no reason why you should not get some remuneration from it.
However, maybe instead of putting any more than simply "History of Rome sponsored by Audible.com" into the podcasts themselves; now that you are adding maps on the website, thus encouraging people to visit on a weekly basis, you could put the adverts there, this would also catch people surfing by. Just a thought.

Where does it all end I wonder? Romulus Augustus? Or will it continue to the fall of the Byzantine Empire?
To anyone else who loves this podcast, try looking for the podcast "12 Byzantine Emperors" for another excellent podcast.


Go for the ads, Mike. You deserve a little more $$ for the great job you're doing, and from what I've heard on other podcasts, Audible's ads aren't so bad.

Nic Payton

Sorry, my previous comment should have read "12 Byzantine Rulers."


Just take the money. We dont mind the adds.

Dont waste your time and start doing it on the next show.

Lisbon, Portugal


Hi Mike - Thanks for the show. It's about time somebody paid you to do it! I'd have no problem with adds once we don't start hearing about Marcus Aurelius writing his meditations while enjoying a crisp beechwood aged Budweiser while he does it!


How about a deal: get ad money if you don't take any more weeks off? Just kidding. Do whatever you need to do to keep going with the podcast. The first ten episodes or so kept me happily occupied on a long road trip and I've been hooked ever since. No more weeks off though, seriously!


Go for the ads, but please keep them at the beginning or the end of the podcast. Anything that keeps you doing the shows I look forward to every week :-)



Advertising can be a good thing. If it's not horribly intrusive and gives you a bit of cash for your hard work then go for it!

Personally, I wouldn't mind a minute of advertising in your podcast. It's hard to pass up a deal like this and you shouldn't!


Blake Roberts

I support advertisements if done briefly, discreetly at the end of the podcast. It would change the personal feel of THoR in a small way but that's okay, it's the quality of the show that is important here. Your show is terrific, the right blend of solid history with a personal touch throughout.
As an aside I happily donated to THoR, would regular ads be in addition to ongoing donations? Blake Roberts, Vancouver BC


I am happy with you adding an advert for Audible in. I would prefer it without but don't see why you shouldn't reap some benefit as long as there is a time limit on the advert length. A maximum of 30 seconds, perhaps. As others have mentioned, Dan Carlin does something similar and I am happy with it.


Ads? Certainly, why not get a little money for what you are doing? It won't change the quality of your excellent podcasts if the ads don't interrupt the flow of the narrative.

In short: good for you.


Hi Mike,
I would have no problem with you adding some script to the podcasts endorsing a sponsor.

Ken Partridge

I listen to Leo Laporte's Twit.tv network of podcasts. The ads for him started out ok, then they go to be really obtrusive and long.
I would say for a 20 odd minute (i dont mean an odd 20 minutes, a joke). I think an audible ad would be great.
I love the podcast and i have listened to them all.
You aregreat

Jan Hochbruck

Salve Mike, it's your podcast, so do as you wish. Obviously the majority here votes in favor of ads if they are decently placed and integrated well, aand I have nothing against it.
Your podcast is my favourite ever since I stumbled across it, a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and humour. So why shouldn't you earn some of the wealth moneywise that you spread out in these other aspects so freely and generously.


I don't mind a little advertising. You produce one of only a few quality history podcasts available. No shame in wanting to make a little money from it.


Pretty much EVERYONE in podcasting is reading audible.com's ad copy (Leo Laport - I"m looking at you!) so why not?

I would prefer that you read it at either the beginning or the end so it doesn't break up the monologue - but I think the advertizers are catching onto that trick...

Just don't go overboard like the aforementioned Leo tends to do. Read the copy - recomend a nice audio book or three and move on.


I agree with most of the folks here who say that some sort of subtle advertising at the beginning and/or end of the podcast, especially for an outfit like Audible is acceptable.

That said I don't think your stated goal of making a living at it is realistic, but I do recognize that there are expenses involved in doing a podcast and anything to help underwrite them makes sense.

Jamie Bruno

I'm glad that Audible has approached you with this offer. THoR is one of the highlights of my week, and I'd gladly listen to an Audible sponsorship. You might get a good revenue stream from it, too, since there's a good deal of classical history on their site. I had passed by Anthony Everitt's biography of Augustus on their site for a year or so now, but never thought to buy it till the past few weeks, as you cover the material. Now it's in my shopping cart.


Go for it! This is a fantastic history program and if you have the chance to do it for your living you should. Fantastic show it's the only good thing about Mondays some weeks.


Mike, Audible recently began sponsoring some podcasts done by Slate.com and I have not found those ads to be overly intrusive, so I wholeheartedly agree with the many above who feel you deserve some compensation for the wonderful thing that is THOR.

Hans de Ridder

Hey Mike,

A big yes for ads from holland (just below the rine river)

the History of Rome still is one of the best if not the best podcast i ever listend to. laurals for that.

you deserve the money you put somany time in to this and youre not there yet. i think you could see it as a big stimulus.

God speed,

Teresa neal

I don't mind if you are sponsored by Audible. I think it's a great service. I've been a member since 01. I would be intrigued to hear your book recommendations.

lee abbott

RE;adverts,go for it.

Kyle Johnson

Mike, I think that the advertising would be a good idea as long as it does not get in the way of the podcast, like having to say it right in the middle. I say go for it.

Teresa neal

P.S. If there had been an Audible around back then would there be missing volumes of Polybius???

Have you ever heard of the Great Fire at the Library of Audible???

Polybius would say go for it!

Here are some book recommendations:

How to Make Any Man Your Love Slave by Cleopatra
Retaining Good Employees by Lentulus Batiatus (Owner of Spartacus)
Raising Nonviolent Boys by Mrs. Hamilcar Barca
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Tiberius Gracchus
Effective Battlefield Tactics by Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro.

Eric Kahn Gale

Go for the audible deal, I love your podcast immensely and would be happy to see you reaping some financial rewards.


i think your podcasts are great. I would do the ads, if i were you, i would not mind them, and i think you deserve the financial support a million times over.

Christopher Hutton

love the podcast! I think if you can make a little money doing something you love its a wonderful thing. I think myself listening to a brief add is well worth the time and dedication you've put into this. Again, if you can get paid doing something you love, go for it. I appreciate that you gave a chance for our input. Just try and make the add as brief and to the point as possible, though you definitely have my vote. If you can get paid a little for doing something you love, go for it. Thanks,

AU Undergrad, School of International Service


include the ads
Mark from Massachusetts


Take the Audible deal. This is one of the finest podcasts that I've heard. Quality, content and delivery are all top notch. You obviously put a lot of work into it and deserve whatever Audible will give you.


I think taking on sponsors will help the podcast too. It will give structure to the introducion. Instead of saying "Hello and welcome to the history of Rome" and then plunging right in, you would say "Hello and welcome to the History of Rome by Mike Duncan, sponsored by Audible.com"... and then a smooth transition to the rest of the podcast.


Well if you need anymore pro-ad feedback, you've got it from me too. The Audible ads in other podcasts I listen too aren't objectionable at all - go for it and get a little cash for your podcast


Hi Mike, you've a fantastic product here. To catch up, I have listened to the entire series over the last couple of weeks and am blown away by the level of interest you bring to the subject - I can't stop listening!

I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into each episode, you deserve the spoils.

Have you considered selling your podcast episodes instead of inserting advertising? I would gladly pay. Ricky Gervais moved to a similar model after his first 12 podcasts were successful. You could begin to charge a small fee for the earlier episodes that you produced, whilst keeping the newest ones free to get people hooked.


I listen to many podcasts sponsored by audible.com and it isn't at all intrusive. In fact it might be a good place to recommend books on the topic. You put a lot of work into this and should get some compensation.

Jon from Denver

On one hand, I love the way your podcast is adless, and it really gives it a feel of relaxation rather than modular information, not to mention sets it apart from others...

On the other hand, the idea of ads is not so revolting if I consider that they are paying you well earned money for it. I'll have to remind myself of that constantly though...

So if you do it, just be sure to not give them an inch of your rights, and gut them for every cent they've got. :)

Love the show!

Chuck Henry

No problem with the advertising. You are doing an awesome job with this podcast and I can't wait to listen to each episode. When I first subscribed, I listened to all the episodes end to end for several days and was never bored.


There have been some great episodes as of late.
Also, I think you should go with Audible.
Honestly, I think it is a good idea to allow the advertisements. Keep it to an agreeable amount it can only enhance the show in the fact it should allow for you to spend more time doing it (or maybe that is just wishful thinking).


You have totally earned the right to make a little side cash, or at least break even. I'm totally in support. Keep up the great work.



It's unanimous.


I have no problem with a little advertising. Unless the the advertising is something like, "TRY ULTRAMAX... THE ULTIMATE ENERGY DRINK! ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH FOR THIS!" My experience with podcast advertisements lead me to believe this wouldn't be the case. Also... I listen on an iPod, so I can easily bypass those parts. But don't tell the sponsors that.

I also like the idea of you gettin' some green for something I get so much enjoyment from (I've even donated in the past due to this). You deserve a piece of the pie. And I love that you asked for input on this decision.

So, in short: As long as we don't get Julius Caesar, after a filling breakfast at Denny's, crossing the Rubicon in his Coca-Cola armor... I think we'll be alright.



I look forward to your podcast every week (I actually look forward to Monday mornings so that I can listen to you on the way to work) and agree that you should do the ads. You obviously put a lot of work into this and deserve the compensation. Besides the extra cash can help with wedding costs.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

Sans Testicles

Take the money.


Dear Mike,

It was a relief that this has come up as I can now feel secure that this wonderful podcast can continue without becoming a drain on the time and good will of those around you in the future and as a consequence you need to stop or be less regular.

I also agree with other writers on the audible spots - Dan Carlin does it well, Slate is getting better - they make it a bit like a book club discussion but 'better' is not 'good'.

The devil is in the detail of whatever deal you do. If you are comfortable with what they ask and want from you, why not?

Appreciate being asked and my best advise would be to seek advice from a good lawyer within the intellectual property field. You deserve to be paid for your work but you should also keep control of it.

Mike in Phoenix

Hey Mike, I think your Comitia Centuriata has weighed in with a near unanimous decision. With few exceptions, we're all on board either way you decide. Also, no worries, taking advertising money by no means makes us "pigs". There's absolutley nothing wrong with applying a shrewd, above board finacial acumen to the world of podcasting. After all, there's a little Crassus in us all.


I enjoyed THoR for a long time now, and actually suggested the Donation link a while ago. Donations would keep the MP3s clean - you could carefully 'hint' like it's done on Hardcore History (buck-a-show concept). Great podcasts should be awarded, in the best case by the listeners directly. If the donations aren't coming in then ads are probably the way to go. I'd also like to see an MP3-CD to purchase (autographed?) when this podcast ends...


I totally think that you should be paid for something you like to do also it be a good chance for you to spread to even more people who enjoy this type of things



Advertising from Audible would be fine. They have a great site and your podcast led me to purchasing some books from them; Notably I Claudius.


Hi Mike,

I have been listening since sometime early this year and have caught up thanks to too many long haul flights in which the History of Rome has kept me sane. I love your work and your humor, keep up the good work. I doubt if I am alone in listening to other pod casts that are sponsored by audible and for the most part the ads hit me like water of a ducks back. Go for it, at the very least it will help pay for your wedding which I am assuming is in the plans (re references to the soon to be Mrs History of Rome) and who knows where it will from there.

Keep up the good work and thank you for making something that I and reading these comments so many other truly enjoy.

Justin, Sydney, Aust.

Seth Caister-Rivera

I say take the money. I listen to plenty of podcasts which "are brought to" me by this or that. And, let's face it, I haven't had the money to send in support, so do it for me, so I can stop feeling like a freeloader. Just make sure that you have no problems with the sponsor, so you don't feel 'icky' about reading the ad each show.
Thanks for the show, and keep up the good work!

Rob in Maine

Wow, CLI comments....

I listen to a podcast that Audible sponsors. The host mentions the sponsor and suggests a book related to his podcast subject(s) availible though Audible. It's quite unintrusive.

Dan D'Astugues

Go for it with Audible. Carlin does it and it doesn't take away from his shows at all.
Your show is awesome and you should be getting some cash for it anyway. So, as our hip-hop friends say "Get that Paper".
Keep up the great work, the Augustus shows have been killer.

James Kocornik-Mina

Yes on ads.

Adam Walsh

I really appreciate your podcast and look forward to it every week. If audible wants to pay you to do it, I say go for it. I don't mind advertising if the money is going to a good place. Thanks for your hard work


I'll chime in with all those who say - "Go for it!" on the advertising. Your podcast is so excellent, I have no problem at all with you earning something from it. I think it's a fabulous thing.

It looks like Audible knows quality when they see it. Way to go!


Do the ads. Follow in Leo's footsteps. As others have mentioned, subtle is the key.

Mairin Ni Eithir

Just wanted to add my comments to the above. Love the podcast which I came upon by accident thanks to a search on Itunes Store. Definitely the best history podcast I have ever come across (definitely the best in other categories too). Go for the ads. With the amount of work you put into this, it's only right that you should get the compensation too.
All the best

phil webb

hey mike, the pantheon apology made me laugh, 'an ugly business' lol. max plank invented quantum mechanics by making a mistake in his maths. serendipity. go for it on the sponsorship front. a short ad at the start would in no way detract from your most excellent podcast. and if a bit of cash could encourage you to extend your planned end from romulus augustus to say, constantine XI so much the better!

all the best, phil



You have constantly impressed me with your podcast. Your dedication should be rewarded, and Audible wanting to advertise with you would be a great reward. I have absolutely no problem with it. Keep up the good work!



Add mine to the list of people who is just fine with an audible.com ad. Those ads are tasteful and non-intrusive. Anything that helps you produce these superb podcasts is for the better.

Yours is, in my opinion, the top independent podcast out there.


Mike: I follow a few history related Podcasts, some of which are sponsored by Audible.com. The ads don't bother me at all in those cases, and I'm sure they wouldn't bother me here. Just don't change the beginning music; I couldn't handle anything that drastic!

Oisín McDonagh

Dear Mike,
I've been following THoR from the very start but this is the first time I've felt obliged to offer my opinion.
Personally I'm not mad about the idea of advertising but hey what do you expect from a young naive Irish socialist?! :D
But if it doesn't interrupt the narrative and helps you create more of these little audible gems by all means go ahead with it.
Iacio intereo!
By the way, any plans to continue on into Byzantium (or Rome 2.0 as I like to think of it) after 476?

Mitch Featherston


I've been a listener for awhile, and enjoy your podcast. As far as I am concerned, ads are not a negative thing. If you are in a position to reap some funds for your program I would go for it. I can only image the time and effort that goes into your show, and you should not feel bad about receiving revenue for it.

I recently started placing ads on my blog after holding off for awhile. The donations were not exactly pouring in.

Good luck, and keep up the amazing work on your great podcast.



Completely agree with everyone else -- go for the ads, it's the least you deserve. I won't be turned off by anything short of an episode devoted to the Emperor Audiables. Love the pod, thanks so much for all your work.
-rafael, chicago


Hey Mike,

Just to chime in it seems with everyone else, I've been a grateful subscriber since 07, love the show, and have thought for a long time that you deserve some profit for your effort. Go for it.


This is my favorite podcast and you're a class act. Do whatever you like with audible.com and best wishes to you on your upcoming (if it hasn't already happened) marriage to the lucky soon-to-be mrs. history of rome.

Magnus Happinus

Hey Mike,

I usually have around 400 or so podcasts downloaded at any time (I travel a lot) and I have to say, yours is among only 2 on the whole of the internet I wait for every week - and the first I will listen to after I get a chance to sync. Keep up the good work!

As for the money, I agree with nearly all the other posts here, do it, just don't interrupt your wonderful episodes for it.

I say take the money and either buy control control of a Mediterranean empire or keep the podcast going forever.

(I prefer the second choice (and woe to those who can only see to the end of the Byzantine empire - I say keep going right up to the present day (whoever you follow, I shall follow)))!

Magnus Happinus



I'll keep it short. I listen to ads on every other podcast I download and they don't diminish my overall enjoyment.

Go for it.

But stay classy.

Nic Payton

Mike. Seems everyone is happy with Audible.com. ads. So why not just see them as Camillus and this as the second foundation of THoR?


I don't have any problem with you advertising on the podcast, many of the other podcasts I listen to advertise and it doesn't bother me.
Love the podcast.

Rod Frost - Sydney

We can trace the decline of the "history of rome podcast" to when it shifted from being the work of a freeman to that of a man more loyal his advertising "general" than the lofty ideal of the podcasting republic

Just kidding,I am soooooooooooo appreciative of your work, it would be the height of arrogance to begrudge you a few bucks in advertising revenue.

Thank you thank you thank you,
I do a little fist pump everytime I find a new episode loaded onto my Ipod.


No problem with the ad here. I've heard Audible ads on other podcasts done at the end, they have been tasteful and didn't bother me at all. As much work as you put into this, some compensation is absolutely fair.

I look forward to this podcast every week. Thanks for your hard work.


I've been a longtime listener and I must say that your podcast is the most comprehensive, most even keeled, highest quality historical podcast I have yet heard. When you requested feedback on the possibility of advertisements, I felt that after receiving such an outstanding podcast for so long, I owed you my typed out support for this advertisement business. It will bother me not at all to listen to exhortations to purchase something; you certainly deserve compensation for the fine podcast you produce. I would also like to add that I, as some of my fellow listeners have said, would love to see you carry The History of Rome all the way down to the fall of the second Rome, Constantinople, but should you only finish with your stated goal of Romulus Augustulus, it will be a great service to myself and many others. Thank you for what you do.


I was always a little worried that you did not have advertising! It feels like at any minute you could drop the podcast since it must be a lot of work for you. Also, if you received money through advertising I would feel like I was helping to support the podcast in a strange way just by listening.


Hi Mike,

I listen to Dan Carlin and he includes advertisements for Audible as well as requests to donate to the show.

Like the previous commenter, I don't think there's anything wrong with that if it helps you devote more time to the podcast. I love the idea recommending a good book to purchase on audible.com on the period of Rome you're covering.

paul, brooklyn

Rick Wikoff

I have no problem with a little advertising, as long as it does not interfere with the content. Also I really enjoy listening to this podcast and if a little monetary compensation would entice you to do other podcasts that would be well worth it.



hey mike, this is paul. long time listener and fan of the show.

pretty much every other podcast i listen to (and there are a lot!) has become sponsored by audible. it's not intrusive and you certainly deserve compensation for the quality of show you produce.

all the best of luck.


Dean Randle

I agree that I enjoy your history so much that a little advertising is fine if it gives you some cash.

Also, do you have a book out? And it would be nice if you could post source references on this site, but only if you do not have to spend too much time doing so.

abhijit ranade

Hi Mike, Ads should be fine, if it helps you to get more episodes on the air on more topics. I am sure you will ensure that the ads will not impinge on the content and will not have a very obtrusive presence.

I must say that this is the best podcast show I have heard - look forward to a new episode every week. Good show and thanks for your efforts.

Steve H

An ad or two won't bother this fan. By the way, I have been "saving up" a few episodes to listen to during a half-marathon I'm running here in Sydney next week. It's the only thing that keeps me going - music just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid. Your podcast is an absolute gem - I can't bear the thought that it might end with the demise of the Western empire ...any chance we could convince you to go Byzantine thereafter?


No problem with ads for Audible.com, preferably at the beginning or end though, not in the middle of your most excellent podcast.


listened to these for my uni exam, really useful cheers mate



Essentially it comes down to this: it would be incredibly selfish of us to say that you should not do this.

If having ads (a) earns you some money and allows you to potentially pursue this field in a full-time capacity if you want to, and (b) ensures there are no further hiatuses, then it's win-win for both you and your fans.

But as others have said, make sure you get yourself a good deal - you deserve it.


Ken Wieland

I listen to several podcast that advertise. Dan Carlin for one and if it is done right it does not take away from the show. It would be nice to never have to worry about money. If that were your case you wouldn't be asking us what we thought? It is your show, I look for it each week, it is one of my favourites. I say make the money, good for you.

Charlotte Bonneau

The republic is dead; if Audible let's you build an empire, us THoR podizens will be better off. As Episode 53 said, it was Augustus' money that let him do things to help the people.

Seadna O'Maoldomhnaigh

Dear Mike,

I have been listening faithfully to the podcast for almost a year now and regard it as essential to breaking the monotony of my long monday morning metro ride into work. I would be loath to begrudge you the chance to take a wage from such a well crafted podcast, but at the same time I am a trifle uneasy as to the possibility that the format and quality of THoR should be altered.
All in all I would say go for it but please be careful not to dilute the quality and alienate your faithful audience.

Von R Buzard

Dude, TAKE THE MONEY. This podcast is awesome and you deserve to be compensated. If your plan is to take this all the way to the fall of the empire, then you are in for the long haul, and are going to need some cash sooner or later


Hey Mike,

Love the podcast. Go for the advertising. If it eases the burden on your efforts for producing the podcast, I think we can all bear a little blurb at the beginning or end telling us to go check out a website. We enjoy your podcast for free so I don't see any reason you should reap a little benefit from it :)



Audible by all means.I see that Hardcore History has been mentioned, but do listen to the Slate Political Gabfest for a different take on how the endorsement can be presented. You've taken some care in how you structure your story, don't let the advert stand out in a jarring manner. I'm glad you continued producing this history and I'll be even happier if you pick up some pennies for doing it.


I say go for it, you deserve to make a little extra cash. Your podcast is the best one i'v ever heard.

Oron Mendel

I just listened to episode 53, in which you pondered advertising on your show.

You present your audience with a professional, thoughtful, well made lecture series, on a subject we enjoy. You deserve to be paid professionally for your professionalism.

If the ads do become intrusive or otherwise bothersome, you sound like the type with decent enough judgment to decide what to do, when the time comes.

Go for it. And if you decide to go all-out pro, with lecture series on other subjects, then I will be among the first to listen and to reward your sponsors, because of your apparent intelligence.

Go ahead, make a living.

martin j

The podcast series is superb. Take the advertising and keep the history coming. Just posted you $40 to say thanks.
Martin J.


Hey Mike,

I have been enjoying these podcasts far above some of the other shows I listen to. I have listened to other podshows that use audible as a sponsor, and it seems to fit into the show alot better than some other ads. I wouldn't mind if the ads were at the beginning or at the end. I listen to one podshow where they are intersperced throughout the show and it gets tedious.

Even if it didn't make a profit for you, I would imagine it would defray some of the costs, and that is always a plus. I was a little against the idea of commercials at first, but then I put myself in your position, who am I to demand purity, I am not paying for this show. So I say go for it. What would Octavian do? Then I fully expect you to have conquered Audible inside a month :)

As a plug, I tell my friends and family about this show, THOR and a few others are what make this new medium so worthwhile. Keep it going strong.


Mike - I’ve been listening since 753 and at the time, I must say that it was a little difficult for me to imagine progressing all the way through Augustus. But you are still going strong and you are to be commended for your dedication. I’ve listened to several academic courses offered through iTunes U and I must say that I find yours as enjoyable & informative as the very best of them.

I have never posted a comment before, and at the risk of being repetitive, a couple of thoughts:
1) thanks for asking our opinion and including the rest of us in your decision making process.
2) in my opinion, you should definitely do the advertising. You do a great job, and you deserve to be compensated for your efforts. Keep up the great work.

Thanks again...and as always, you have me looking forward to Monday.


I say go for it, Audible sponsors many different podcasts I listen to (Dan Carlin and Dan Savage to name a few) and I've never found their ads to be intrusive. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't make a little bit of money off of this podcast, the work you put into it is obvious and it's a great show, for which I thank you.


I have no problem with advertising on your podcast. Audible sponsors several other podcasts that I listen too and the ads are not intrusive at all. In fact TWIT with Leo Laporte has a book recommendation each week as part of the audible ad. You could do something similar to suggest some of your source material or books you would recommend on other subjects that they have available.

Love the podcast.



Hi Mike, firstly I want to say how much I thoroughly enjoy your podcast, your very unique style, candid remarks and humor is what differentiates you from others. I look forward to Monday’s installments with childish eagerness.

As it relates to advertisement, my preference would be for you to continue with your current format, however the commercial realizations are what they are, and I have no problem with you to include advertisement, especially something like Audible, which I am a member and enjoy their service.


Love the podcast, been listening from the beginning. Freaked out when you took the hiatus, loved it when you came back.
Audible sponsorship is fine with me, whatever it takes to keep you cranking them out for us. Thanks for your efforts, I really appreciate it.


Hi Mike, very happy for you to get some advertising....Audible is a good fit actually.

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