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May 03, 2009


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As for ads,a mans gotta eat. Keep it subtle though.


Mike, I don't think advertising would be such a bad thing, unless you did it in the middle of the podcast. But if you started each episode with "Hello, and welcome to the History of Rome, Sponsored by Audible.com. Episode #." Just A thought, but I really love your podcast and it seems fair that you get some sort of compensation for it. I know I'd listen to your podcast even if I had to sit through a a minute or two of ads, and I'm sure most of your fans would.


As long as the quality is good and your sense of humor is dry I see no reason why you shouldn't turn a profit. Having said that, if you are making some money on this should the fans expect any changes? Is audible going to insist on longer episodes, more frequent episodes, more detailed episodes? I don't know the terms of the deal and I am just curious.

Andy from New Jersey

hey mike,

Thanks for asking us what we think about taking THOR to the next step. I have no problem with including ads into the show. It's part of how things are done. I appreciate all of the hard work you put into the show and it would be great to see you get compensated more consistently.


I think ads would be fine. It certainly wouldn't keep me from enjoying this podcast. Besides, if it allows you to keep the future Mrs. History of Rome in a manner which she could become accustomed, then maybe she won't make you give up the podcast and get a real job.


I love you so much, I want nothing but happiness,health and wealth for you

Mike P

Love the show. In fact, my girlfriend and I have listened to the entire series together over the last week or so. Definitely do the ads. You put so much work in that you deserve to make some money for it. You are providing professional, college level content, so why not get paid for it? Let the market work!


Thanks so much for asking for our input. It's a great sign of your integrity that you show a concern for your listeners. You're engaged in a labor of love, and not everyone has the opportunity to turn a labor of love into something that contributes to putting a roof over their head. So please, live the American dream! And if anyone ever accuses you of selling out, you have this podcast and these comments to which you can point as evidence of your integrity.

Andrew Higgins

Mike, really have been enjoying this series - listen to it on the way to work from London down to the south every week. Did a mention of it on my blog -


As for ads, totally support you going for this- if it keeps you going to 476 or 1453 ad (and then what??). Go for it. Carpe Diem and all that.

Best, Andrew Higgins (London UK)

A Free Man


Absolutely go with the Audible advertising. It's admirable that you've been doing this for nothing but there is absolutely no shame in making a bit of dosh out of it. You deserve it. Yours is one of the podcasts I look forward to every week and advertising or no advertising that will not change.

Arcturus Mengsk

I think that if you'd like to make a little extra money while you're doing this 'cast every week, go for it.

I think an added incentive for you to go the extra mile and finish the next 400 years (hell, I think you should go into Byzantine history as well, since it is my favorite stretch of history and to be honest, it is another 1000 years..) is a great idea.

I say go for it, definitely.


no worries about a little advertising. there are audible.com plugs on dan carlin's hardcore history and it doesn't spoil it. as long as its before or after, and not in the middle of the podcast.


Mike,great podcast. Incorporate the advertising.

Jón Þór Ólafsson

As long as the ads are not annoying and nothing bothers you about the terms of the deal I would do it. Getting financially compensated for what you enjoy is good sense.

But beware "you can not serve two masters" and money has the habit of slowly moving enjoyment to the side to become the sole master of projects.

Greetings from Reykjavík.
Jón Þór.


I've been a regular listener for almost a year now. I agree with most of the other comments about accepting the advertisements. You've been providing a great service for free and if you need/want the money to keep providing it to us for free then go for it. I also agree that they should be subtle. That is to say at the start and/or end of the podcast. Once the episode gets going I don't want it to be interrupted.

Keep up the good work.



I think a few new mountains were born in Greece since the last episode. It's all about the detail!

Just kidding. Great work as always and I really appreciate the graphics.


Thumbs up on ads. Please do whatever you need to to continue your work. - Giovanni


With regards to Audible ads: I listen to a large number of podcasts that are sponsored by Audible. The key is to recommend a book that's relevant to the topic (I've already bought The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire :)).

In fact I'd love it if Audible would let you narrate a book. It's a shame you didn't narrate Gibbon's book because the Audible guy makes it sound dull!).


Mike, you have been brightening up my Monday mornings for a while now and I think you have a good product (economically speaking) in the podcast. I have also been an audible.com member for a couple of years and enjoy it immensely, so I would see no conflict or incongruity in hearing about audible on your podcast.

That being said, you should consider whether you like audible.com enough to promote it. If you do, for sure, tell the world about it. Any as you said "money cant buy you happiness, but it can buy you control of a Mediterranean empire." So monetize away, I'll only be happy for you!


I listen to several podcasts and sponsorship is reasonable common. Dan carlin's hardcore history is sponsored by audible, podicitionary is sponsored by gotomypc, and This American Life has a few sponsors. I don't find it intrusive as long its reasonable. Please continue to keep all the old episodes available. I refer people to the show and you really need to be able to start from the beginning.

Jared Croft

When you sign up for audible, you get a free audio book. Dan Carlin's hardcore history is sponsored by audible, and his audible advertisements are personalized a bit by Dan recommending what free book you should choose (e.g. Julius Ceaser's Commentaries).

Personally, I don't mind advertisements. And of course, we listeners would all be better off if you, like Dan Carlin, were a full-time podcaster. Spending 5% of your time on advertisements and asking for pledges, like Carlin does (e.g. a buck a show, it's all we ask), wouldn't be overdoing it in my opinion.


As if you needed any more encouragement about sponsers:
Go for it! Most of the top podcasts are sponsered by someone or other, usually audible. I'd also like to second Lisa's idea that you should combine it with an (audio)book recommendation - that turns an ad spot into something useful. You deserve a bit of remuneration anyway.

Jonathan Hirsch

Do what you love. The money will follow. Who are we, your audience, to argue with the wisdom of fate? I see no reason you should not make as much profit as possible from the work you have done. And, getting a recommendation for a good Audible book from you each week would only add to the enjoyment.

mike jones

g'day mike
i consider THoR to be THE BEST podcast currently offered and if it requires advetising to have it continue (hopefully up untill byzantium and the fall of constantinople... i know..... lots to hope for) then so be it.
we appreciate the efforts that you have put in and anticipate every episode.
as a grateful listener and learner i have a request.... that the advertisement be mentioned only at the start or end (my preference) of each episode ( both... if they pay more)
in australia we have a public broadcaster that has introduced ads in the middle of documentories. and the storey falls .. octavian agrippa ceasar augustus who??? did what??..... so please do not break the narrative!
THoR belongs to you mike, and if you deem to make a quid from it, or not, is entirely up to you
if anyone hasnt been to 12 byzantium emporers...google now
cheers, mike, looking forward to the next installment of (my-think) octavian-augustus
mike jones qld,australia


Hello Mike,
I've been enjoying your podcast for a long time now: first catching up with the first 35 episodes or so when I knew of the existence and now listening to the new episodes every monday.
Although I'm not really in favour of advertisements in the podcasts, I see my fellow listeners to be much less abhored by the idea. I think it depends a lot on what the advertisements are about.
It is really interesting to see how you establish your 'version' of the history of rome. Anyway, it would also be nice to get insight in which source material you use. Does it change much from episode to episode, or are you just following one or two well known sources?
Is it mostly primary sources (like Livy and Suetonius), or the secondary recounts which gained their authority over time?


Yes on ads.

You do a great job and I want you to be around for years. Get the ads, get paid, go pro.

Steve S

No one can begrudge you the money - take the sponsorship.



I agree with what has been said so far. You've got more than 400 years of history left to cover. I'm in favor of anything that will help you out. I'm sure you can incorporate the ads in such a way that they will not be too intrusive. You deserve to be compensated for your efforts.

Keep up the good work!


I, like others, look forward every week to your podcast. It's really one of the very best. Some "non-invasive" advertising wouldn't hurt the podcast nor turn me off. You deserve it!


Does the Princeps of Podcasts really want our input, or is he just toying with the Senate?



I have been a loyal listener for years and thought I'd give my two cents on the subject of sponsorship as well. Go for it, man! It is honorable that you have given us all such an enjoyable weekly podcast for years now and it seems only fair that you receive some compensation for your outstanding work (I'm sure the future Mrs. THOR wouldn't mind either). I would gladly listen to a few seconds (or minutes) of sponsorship copy if I knew you were being fairly compensated for what you have done... you've been more than fair to your listeners since the beginning and, listening to the ad copy, would be one way we could be fair back.


Mike-I'm with everyone else here; if people are willing to give you money for doing something you love, and it doesn't affect the final product, go for it! As an added bonus, this should ensure that us loyal listeners won't have to endure another loooooonnnnng hiatus from you, since your employers at audible.com probably wouldn't allow it :)
Also, it was a good idea from whoever suggested it about book recommendations. I was curious about your sources as well, whether you were going straight from the primary sources or later ones. It was because of this podcast that I went out and bought Polybius, Livy, Virgil and Caesar's Gallic Wars Commentaries (haven't gotten to the Civil Wars just yet).
As someone commented above, Dan Carlin's plugs for audible.com on his podcasts aren't distracting at all and I'm a big fan of his listing of sources on his website.

As always, Mike, fantastic work and congratulations on the recognition and increased interest in the podcast, it's by far my favorite and you deserve whatever people are willing to give you!




I think it's awesome that the show has become successful enough for you to make some money from it, you totally deserve it.

I'm already looking forward to whatever you decide to do after THoR (in like five years, or whatever).

Keep up the the good work.


Hey, Mike. In addition to listening to your podcast faithfully, I also listen to Dan Carlin's podcasts, and as someone else mentioned, he is sponsored by Audible and does small ads and it doesn't impact the show whatsoever. I vote for you going for it, and congratulations! You deserve it.



You do a fantastic podcast, well researched, well written and always interesting -- so I say you deserve to get some fun money. Audible also sponsors some of my other favourite podcasts, so I have no trouble with the blurb at all.

Go for it.


I think it would be great for you to start some adverts! You work hard to make this a high quality product. Just don't get to carried away with sponsors :-)

David Atwood

Mike: I say go with Audible. I have been following your podcast for months and you have done such a good job you deserve some income from it. I doubt anyone would mind something along the lines of an NPR underwriting announcement. Tapping into a revenue stream could also allow you the option of taking this project further than you might on your own.


I agree with most of the comments here. You should take the sponsership if it will help you subsidize the amount of time that you put into preparing the podcasts. I have been listening to them for several months. I love them. Keep up the good work.

Casey Elliott

I really enjoy your podcast. 1 a week isn't enough, but I will wait somewhat patiently for each installment. In reference to the advertisment, although it's never a "fun" think to listen through, as long as it's only once per podcast, I can live with it. Thanks again!!

Mike Samuels


Big fan, really enjoy the podcast. I'll keep it simple. Do the ads, you deserve it. While I appreciate your sentiment that "we're all in this together", I don't think anybody has any illusions about the amount of work you put in. We just sit here and listen. Get paid, just keep it subtle.

Keep it up, I love the show.

-Mike Samuels

Jason D Barr

Mike, Dan Carlin (Hardcore History and Common Sense) is sponsored by Audible and his ads are pretty unobtrusive. I think that you should take the money. It's a well earned reward for your efforts here.

Patty Heany


Ads are annoying, but so is this recession. :-)

Seriously, audible.com is a pretty cool site, and you deserve some kind of compensation for bringing us such an awesome podcast. Go for it!


I donated because I want you to keep podcasting. If sponsors will keep the stories coming, then we should have sponsors.

Avery in Phoenix

Take the money. Presumably, the money will help you to continue this podcast at the very least or even expand the episode perview. So long as the the advertisers work in related fields which "Audible" certainly does, I think this will make a lot of sense.

Thanks for the show.

Scott M. DeBruycker

Good day Mr. Duncan, I hope all is well in the land of THoR. I appreciate the work you have done for your listeners, and look forward to the masterful story telling you have planned for us in the future. I was saddened when I had read of a 5 month abdication of your duties on the biography page of this website, and fear to lose my teacher altogether following the end of his 5 month hiatus. I prey this not be so, and truly I do not know how I might respond to a new narrator, being so accustomed to your superior style of oration. I say superior sincerely stacking your production high above the podcasts available otherwise, concerning history of the ancient world, i.e. Jennifer Lockett's, Dave Kaliva's, the history channels, & et. al. Yours is not the only show in town, but still the most consistent and long standing with Lars Brownworth's Byzantine History podcast coming in a close second. I am a student, and love learning. I find your podcast to be satisfying on this account, and believe the professionalism you put into this podcast to be deserving of accolades, and furthermore some pirates treasure is due your way for this work. Unfortunately, I would have to stop listening if a fee were levied on your listeners. Once again, you deserve the booty, but I am as the former slave princess in Voltaire's Candide that is I have just one cheek to spare, and spare it I shall not. Commercials from audible? I don't care so long as THoR lives on, and specifically if you remain his incarnate, and not abdicate this high office to another.
I highly value you as my teacher, and look forward to your insight into history in the future.
M.C. Minos


As has been said, so long as the ads aren't intrusive, I really wouldn't mind them at all. Keep up the great work.


I have found that the Audible adverts are not a bad thing, usually the folks "reading/making up on the fly" them do the ads at the beginning and the end. It is not intrusive at all to have them in that format. That being said, it becomes a question of do you want to get some money for the show, thus being "tied to the man" (even if you are not it might make you feel like it) or do you want to continue to do it for fun. The choice in the end is completely up to you, but I will likely continue to listen and keep it on my ipod (as I did during the hiatus)no matter what.



Honestly, almost every podcast I listen to is sponsored by audible.com, and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. As good as this show is, I can't imagine what would, though. Keep up the good work.


I listen to other podcasts sponsored by Audible.com. It's a not a big deal. There's no reason you shouldn't make a few bucks.

Dna Ely

I found you in iTunes. Many of my favorite podcasts are sponsored by Audible. It doesn't bother me at all. As a matter of fact I like Audible. Thanks for asking your audience. Just make sure its a good deal for you.

Phillip Walker

I agree with some of the other comments. Audible ads can actually be an enhancement of the show if you include audible books that pertain to the History of Rome. Fortunately there are quite a few good ones available.


Absolutely incorporate the ads. I've heard a couple of other podcasts with Audible ads, and they aren't terribly intrusive. With all the work you've put into this, it'd be nice if you could profit from it.

Matt Ellis

I love the podcast. It is one of the highlights of my Sunday. Please go for the ads as long as you think they will not be too intrusive.


Trevor Stewart

Firsty, thank you for your wonderful podcast! There are few good/interesting history podcasts available (IMO at least)... I wish there were a few more like yours.

I know it has be mentioned already, but on the topic of ads... In a perfect world I would prefer no adverts, but if they are not terribly intrusive please take the opportunity. Dan Carlin's podcast has ads from Audible which I do not mind (that much).


Kristin B.

Hello Mr. History of Rome!
I've been an avid listener from the start and really appreciate all the time and energy you put into the podcast for us. I listen to you as I'm fixing up our old house or walking to class. As a science and history teacher of 12 year olds I really appreciate your upbeat and clever delivery of some potentially dry material (who else can make grain ecomomics/politics sound so fascinating?).

Well, I didn't just write to say how awesome you and the podcast are (very, by the way), I wrote to give my wholehearted support of the offer of cash for your work. Go for it! Not meaning to sound too rude but I'd rather audible be throwing their money at you than at some of the other drivel out there. You deserve it, and I bet we'll still be listening even if you urge us to try Soilent Green or something.

Thanks again and again.

Hoyt Jeter

I think it is fine to have advertising for this podcast. And if this helps bring in extra income to you great. I am traveling to Italy this summer and have really enjoyed listening to your podcast. Just do not let the advertisement dictate the show. Maintain control of your show.

Mr. Stanley

Amigo- Keep on keepin on & if you can get paid for it.... more power to ya!!! i agree with other comments about when to plug the ads though, the end would be ideal so we can phase out, or the beginning. regardless i'll FF through them to get to my addiction.... basically i'm just glad you're back and givin me my fix on a weekly basis.... you were gone far too long for my taste. So as a guy thats literally listened to ALL of your episodes more than once, I would not be bothered in the least if you took on a sponser to compensate you for you time. Just don't hit me with the ad in the middle of the episode or I'll end up hating whatever product interrupted my monday morning mantra!!! THANKS AGAIN FOR COMING BACK! Long live Mike....

joe k


I'll keep it short. I agree with all the above posters. Do the advertisements! It won't bother me one bit. I look forward to following this podcast series 'till the end (hopefully that isn't anytime soon!).


Dear Mike

This is from a faithful listener from Finland. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the podcasts. It took me only about two weeks to catch up with the first 50, that's how much I enjoyed them.

Thanks so much

btw ads would not turn me away at all.


Definetly do the ads. You could even make it informative by selecting books related to Roman history. I know there must be at least a few half-decent historical fictions on the subject


Go ahead with the audible sponsor, they don't bother me on other podcasts.

John Pietrzak

Hi Mike,

Love the podcast! As for the Audible.com advertising, another podcast I like has just recently added it to their episodes (Slate's "Political Gabfest"). Although I actually like Audible.com, the way that they've added the advertisements to the middle of each episode really throws me off; maybe it's because it interrupts the normal flow of their conversation, or just causes me to think about topics unrelated to the podcast episode. In any case, I've just about stopped listening to them, pretty much because the advertising kind of ruins my enjoyment.

If you do go with the advertising, I'd ask that you keep the main body of each podcast free of it, if possible.




Hey Mike,

re: Ad's - go for it. The show is amazing and you deserve to make something from it.


Hello Mike

I have discovered the history of Rome a few weeks a go and since i am a big Fan of Roman History Absolutely love your Podcast. it is one of the most popular podcasts out there today. I think from my point of view is not a bad idea. The show is popular and advertising will not reduce (i think) the amount of listeners. I personally would not mind listening to some ads. Especially since you have done such a large part


Advertising is fine, I mean, it could be another way for you to expand upon the show. If you make an agreement where you get to promote topical Audio books, say something in reference to that weeks show.
I see it as totally fine, as long as it comes at the beginning of the show. Awesome podcast, and keep up the good work!


Whatever it takes to see this podcast continue until 1453... You certainly deserve a little advertisement money for all your work.


Go for it Mike. Audible is an excellent sponsor that sponsors many podcasts that I listen to. You more than deserve a little coin for all the hard work you've put into this.


Re: Ads

It won't turn me off, but it won't turn me on, either. I would file it under "necessary evil"; frankly, you do fine (audio-wise) on your own.

IF you decide to make this arrangement, I would invite you to listen to two of my favorite other podcasts, podcastle.org and escapepod.org (both produced by the same company), for both how and how not to do this sort of ad. Podcastle's are lifeless, obvious, and mechanical, but on Escape Pod - at least those done by Alister Stewart - are interesting enough that I didn't even know I was listening to an add until it was too late.


As for the ads, I have no inherent objection to them. However, I'd like to know exactly what the ads would entail. I would have absolutely no objection to you personally recommending a book from audible (as long as it is at least tangentially related to the subject matter). However, those recommendations must be YOUR opinion, not the paid opinion of Audible. If the ads are scripted by Audible, like radio style ads, that's okay as long as they aren't too intrusive to the podcast (no more than one interruption during the podcast, at most, and even that I would find irritating, but probably not so much that I would stop listening. But more than once is too much.) Ads at the beginning and end are fine, and not terribly unexpected these days. If the ads are stripted, how long would they be?

Here's some ammo for you to take back to Audible. I am a current member of Audible.com and a book recommendation from you would be very helpful to me in finding new reading material listed there. I doubt I'm alone.



This is a great podcast and I really enjoy listening to it. You obviously put a lot of time researching, so take the ads and make some well earned profit.


After 53 episodes, I think you're entitled to make a buck for all your hard work. I say go for it, but consider keeping it at the beginning for the sake of good form. Keep up the great work!


You're doing an awesome job with this Podcast. I hope everyone who regularly listens takes a moment to contribute online. (Seriously, I felt like a thief until I did it!!)

That said, you should definitely go for the Audible deal. (They're pretty tasteful with their approach to ads.)

You're a class act for asking the listeners, BTW...




i see no problem with a "partially brought to you by" type announcement in the beginning or ending of each podcast.You deserve to be compensated.Also,if it could help finance putting it into readable book form one day i say yes.
there's one way to settle this though going by where you are right now

What Would Augustus Do ?

if a large country came to Augustus and said "we'd like to help finance your campaign/fight your war as long as you let them know we helped you" would he accept ? would he reject ?


Definitely would support you getting some money for the high quality content you provide. As someone stated though, make sur the contract doesn't bind you too much and that you keep your independence, else you might start to lose your control over this podcast.

That being said, sign up the deal!! :)

Mike in Phoenix

Hello Mike, I think advertising on a podcast can be done in a way that there is little affect to the integrity of the show. I know Audible.com has advertised with many other podcast shows, most notably in my mind would be Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. As long as the advertisement is at the beginning and the end of a podcast I think it'll be ok. Now with that said, this particular podcast is by far my favorite and I would absolutely love to see it remain as is so that all the episodes are consistent and timeless. I would also like to add one other point, if podcasting is an avenue you would choose to persue as a profession I believe you would be quite successful. While this subject matter is a hobby and passion of mine, your witt and delivery style would surely make me intrested in any other shows or topics you may choose to present. Best of luck with whatever you choose to do, I'm sure it'll be great. Now to this episode, I think the first point that jumped out to me was the idea that Augustus would make refrence to a law inacted by none other than Marcus Antonious, that man who he just finished erasing from existance. Add to that his absurdly hypocritical adultery position and you see that good old Augustus hasn't strayed far away from that 'do whatever to advance his position' Octavian. But hypocracy is of little concern to a monar...., I mean emperor.


Advertising is OK - as long as it is at the beginning or end, and not too long.

john g

I listen to a couple of podcasts that have audible ads in them. I don't find them to be a problem as long as they don't interrupt the main narrative, say in the beginning, or in the wrap up.

I really do enjoy your podcast, it's one of the most enjoyable history ones I've found. So many of them sound like someone reading the subject for the first time on wikipedia(I heard a biography of Patton pronounce the town Bass tog knee...). It takes a good knowledge of a subject to speak casually about it (correctly, anyways), and you do. It's like shooting the breeze with a friend about the subject

Michael In Houston

I had a lot of knowledgeable things to comment on concerning this episode of THoR, but they now pale in comparison to the last minute of the Wheaties Commercial offer that you made, so I will not make the intended comments...which is indeed the sadness.

I usually listen to THoR the Sunday night (for me) that it is published...I could not.

And, so...I have the dubious opportunity to see and to read how of your many fans feel like, "What? Me Worry? It's all good."...and I am sorry to say, that find they're opinions equally dubious...indeed Odious.

You of course realize that by selling your rights, that:
#1) We have covered over half of the Roman Empire History.
#2) By implication, We have less than half to go.
#3) Many of us have contributed, as best we can to support your efforts. Many of us feel that an History is being made thru your efforts. One that is only just beginning to Ring Thru our History!
#4) By acceptence of the Corn-Flake offer, you for-go our earnest and heart-felt support. And, thus surrender any historic achievement at all. It's just a sponsored Corn-Flake commercial, after all...
#5) You become an object of their lessons. And, should you stray from what is their intended message? You must conform, or lose their support, yes? Of course.
#6) Your message becomes that which they wish to convey, and whether that is true or not? Your message, briefs, podcasts becomes so many Corn-Flakes commercials...for how shall we determine which words are yours...and which are Professor Corns-Flakes?!? We cannot determine it.
#7) Therefore? You either finish this as a Man, in whom we invest much...Or? Just another commercial klown and watch subscribership fall, beginning with myself.

Finish it? Own It? You determine it.
Sell it now? You were bought...and very cheaply.

I had my say...Now? Your Choice,
Michael In Houston


As far as advertising goes, I listen to several podcasts that have audible.com ads. I've never found it to be overly intrusive or disruptive, and I don't think it would do so here.

Michael In Houston

Like a College-School Basketball Player. You got enamored. Well, well...

I believe you gonna sell out to what you believe is the NFL of publications.

Your not going to finish College or get your degree, cause you got an offer...

So, like a good father I am going to offer one last peice of advice.

Finish your education 1st! The NFL will still be there.

Finish this? World is your Oyster and The Pearls look good.

Do not? And, after this season? What else will you ever be?

Finish what you started, as you started.

And, You'll be surprised what happens next.

It will be good things all your life,
Michael In Houston

Tom Randall

I just want to say that I really enjoy the podcast and hope you are able to continue it for a long time to come. As I am currently in my final year at Uni studying Roman history I also find listening to it great relaxing revision of the broad narrative of Roman history.

I think you should go with the adverts, provided you are comfortable with the company’s demands. You deserve the bonus for your dedication to this brilliant podcast.

Ken Rimple

Go for the ads, Mike. You do a fantastic job of making the history come alive. I've learned a ton from listening to you. Keep up the good work, and get yourself paid as well!

Michael In Houston

k, I got:
01 - Birth of a Nation ?? BC - April 21, 753 BC
02 - Youthful Indiscretions 753 BC - 673 BC / 673 BC – 641 BC / 640 BC – 616 BC
03a- The Seven Kings of Rome 717 BC - 673 BC / 673 BC - 616 BC
03b- The Seven Kings of Rome 616 BC - 578 BC / 534 BC - 510 BC
04 - The Public Thing 510 BC - 509 BC
05 - Trials and Tribulations 509 BC - 450 BC
06 - The Twelve Tables 450 BC - 519 BC
07 - The Roman Washington 519 BC – 430 BC
08 - Decades of Gloom 450 BC - 446 BC
09 - A Trojan War 446 BC - 387 BC
10 - Barbarians at the Gates 387 BC - 386 BC
11 - The Morning After 386 BC - 343 BC
12 - The First Samnite War 343 BC - 341 BC
13 - The Latin War 340 BC – 338 BC
14a- A Phalanx With Joints 338 BC -
14b- A Phalanx With Joints - 326 BC
15a- The Second Samnite War 326 BC -
15b- The Second Samnite War - 298 BC
16 - The Third Samnite War 298 BC - 290 BC
17 - Pyrrhic Victories 290 BC - 272 BC
18 - A History of Rome Christmas * Christmas Special *
19 - Prelude to the First Punic War 272 BC - 264 BC
20a- The First Punic War 264 BC -
20b- The First Punic War - 241 BC
21 - Interbellum 241 BC -
22 - Prelude to the Second Punic War - 218 BC
23a- The War with Hannibal 218 BC -
23b- The War With Hannibal - 216 BC
23c- The War With Hannibal 216 BC - 212 BC
23d- The War With Hannibal 212 BC - 209 BC
23e- The War With Hannibal 209 BC - 201 BC
24 - The Second Macedonian War 200 BC - 196 BC
25 - The Syrian War 196 BC - 188 BC
26 - The Third Macedonian War 188 BC - 168 BC
27 - Mopping Up 168 BC ~
28 - Taking Stock ~ 100 BC
29 - Tiberius Gracchus 168 BC - 154 BC
30 - Gaius Gracchus 160 BC - 121 BC
31a- Marius 157 BC – 109 BC
31b- Marius 109 BC - 100 BC
32 - The Social War 100 BC - 91 BC
33 - Marius and Sulla 91 BC - 84 BC
34 - No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy 85 BC - 78 BC
35 - Crassus and Pompey 78 BC - 71 BC
36 - I Am Spartacus! 73 BC - 71 BC
37 - Go East Young Man 74 BC - 62 BC
38 - The Catiline Conspiracy 63 BC - 62 BC
39 - The Young Julius Caesar Chronicles 62 BC - 59 BC
40 - In the Consulship of Julius and Caesar 59 BC - 58 BC
41a- The Gallic Wars 58 BC
41b- The Gallic Wars 58 BC - 52 BC
42 - Meanwhile, Back in Rome 58 BC - 49 BC
43 - Insert Well Known Idiom Here 50 BC - 48 BC
44- Caesar Triumphant 48 BC - 47 BC
45- The End Of The War 47 BC - 46 BC
46- Sic Semper Tyrannis 46 BC - 44 BC
47- Octavius-Octavian 44 BC - 43 BC
48- The Second Triumvirate 43 BC - 42 BC
49- Apollo and Dionysus 42 BC - 37 BC
50- The Donations of Alexandria 37 BC - 31 BC
51- Actium 31 BC - 30 BC
52- Caesar Augustus 30 BC - 23 BC
53- Reigning Supreme 23 BC - Wheaties came in and who knows what really happened after that?
All Commercials!


Michael In Houston


Can't help joining the clear majority here. I've been a constant listener since episode 12 or so and was honored that you consulted us. I say go for it, you deserve the cash. However, not to sound to greedy but, do we get anything out of the deal? Longer episodes? More frequent episodes? Another podcast on the side? Imperial Presidency, Byzantine Empire or History of the Star Wars Galaxy are a few suggestions. Either way, you certainly deserve the cash for this and audible ads don't bother me in other podcasts.



Do the advertising. I can always fast-forward.

Chris W.

Great episode, as usual!
And congratulations on the sponsership, I'm sure we can all accept listening to a few ads.

Domitia Princessa (Veronica)

I fervently believe that you should start advertising. You're good at what you do, and, quite frankly, I wonder why it has taken you so long to consider turning a profit. My respects to you and your lovely fiancee, and thank you for the podcast.


Thumbs up on ads, particularly audible ads.

I'm used to listening to them on a couple of Leo Laporte tech podcasts, such as This Week in Tech (TWIT). I actually look forward to the audible book recs he features each week, but he's always got guests to help out.

I first learned about audible from his podcasts, soon free trialed them, then went platinum. I love audible.

It couldn't be a better fit with a serious but entertaining history podcast such as yours. Kudos to you for being asked by them. Only tangentially related ads would be more annoying, but Audible fits like Johnny Cochran's glove. Again if you recommend some history books each week that are on Audible, so much the better. Then even as a subscriber I'd WANT to listen to the ads each week.

I suggest you weigh at least twice as heavily those who are accustomed to listening to podcast ads, over those that aren't. Weigh especially heavily those who have heard audible ads.

They approach being a public service for those that aren't familiar. I've subscribed to them for over two years and still don't mind hearing them.

No I'm not in any way affiliated.

Benjamin Marshan

Hey Mike,

I tend to "tune out" to the ads, so if they are at the beginning or the end, then go for it. As someone else mentioned, i always like the audible ads where the host recommends books relevant to the topic, so feel free to go with that!

Daniel Bendjy

Take the money! Your podcast is excellent, actually the best history podcast around. Couple ads won't hurt. I'll still be waiting impatiently for each new episode.

Michael Sequeiros

Mike, I think advertising would be a good. I believe it's a great thing to get paid to do what you love, and I am sure you can work it in and be able to keep it as intresting as you always have. All the best and keep up the great work.


Mike Sequeiros


Hmm, someone in these comments is off their meds.

Mike, if taking on advertising makes things easier, then go ahead and do it.

My only concern is that you retain the rights to what you have done, and that you retain control over what happens.

As people have pointed out, others advertise Audible in their podcasts, and it hasn't been overly obtrusive.

Michael In Houston

I am fervently against the idea, as I suppose others are.

I do love the forum tho...'Go for the money! Go for the money!'

Roman Rabble stills exists! Kinda funny, as they speak as a defeated American Nation.

You speak of payment. How many pieces of Gold have they offered you? This Audio sales-person?

I offer 500 if you say no...and others will privately offer sums too...

If only to beat down this rabble. :)

Do small men ever learn?

no...they still insist on wallowing...like Pigs...

Michael In Houston

Yeah, Mike! I think money for adverts would be really cool, so long as they don't bother me at the beginning or the end, hyuk, hyuk...

The advertisers would make us Pigs.

What then is your choice?

Finish it,
Michael In Houston


I've heard a similar plug by Dan Savage in his "Savage LoveCast". It's short and to the point because it's at the beginning of the programme, it doesn't interrupt the flow. If you have the opportunity to do the same and get some cash for all your hard work then well done and go for it!


Re: Sponsorship.

I am a loyal follower of your show, but I am also a regular listener of Slate Magazine's podcasts. They have also recently entered a relationship with Audible.com, and the hosts' weekly increasing bitterness is clearly evident. I personally blank out during the ad portion, and find it a huge distraction from the show's actual content.

I understand the appeal of a sponsor, but a relationship with Audible has the potential to spoil your podcast if ads are forcibly inserted at the beginning or middle. If you put it at the end, I wouldn't have an opinion - but that's only because I'd just turn it off.


To add to the chorus above, of COURSE you should take the sponsorship. A minute or two of ads never really put anybody out too much.
I never left a comment before but I guess now is as good a time as any to thank you for all the great work you have been putting in on the podcast. I have enjoyed it immensely so far and am particularly happy to be moving into the imperial period which I know next to nothing about-I guess it's not so fashionable right now.
It is good for this scientist's mind to think some cerebral thoughts once in a while. Also, the maps are a great addition.


i love your podcast. go for the advertising!!


Hey Mike,
Awesome podcast. Agree with the above re the ads, ads at the start and end of the podcast are ok. In the middle would just ruin the flow.
Keep up the good work, the podcast makes my Tuesday evening walk home from work!

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