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April 19, 2009


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Michael In Houston

Interestingly enough, this weeks THoR episode coincides with the possible discovery of Anthony and Cleopatra's tomb after centuries!

Care to see the mask of what Anthony may have looked like?

You can read one article here:

Another great episode, Mike!
As Always,
Thanks so much

Michael in Houston


Did I miss it or was there no mention of the fate of Caesarion? It seems like that's a fairly major event and showed Octavian's true ruthlessness.


@ Michael,

That's really exciting news (and an awesome coincidence). Thanks for the link.


You didn't miss anything. I'm going to cover the fate of all the kids next week when I talk about Octavian's Triumph. Two Caesars is one Caesar to many...


joe k


Just wanted to thank you for your amazing podcast series. Keep up the great work!



Just wanted to say great show! I've listened to it all multiple times and I learn something new everytime

Jonathan in Denver

Thanks for all the work you put in the maps, greatly appreciated! They are very well done. Best podcast I have ever listened to, awesome work!


not trying to be debbie downer on this, but the article implies that the archaeologist who made the discovery is considered something of a hack by his peers. hopefully in this case he's proven right, but just thought it was worth mentioning.

as always, mike, great work, and especially now that you're starting to add maps. the ones for this episode are great and i think i speak for everyone in that they are very much appreciated. here's hoping you can actually find time to add ones for the back episodes. i, for one, go back and listen to old shows quite often and am often finding myself looking for a map. thanks again for the outstanding work!



wow thank you so much for the maps! It is so much easier to know what is happening where :)


The U.S. War College has great maps for battles at Cannae, Trasimene Lake, etc. This might make your life easier if you do intend to add maps to old episodes.

Sam Pagano (Portland, Or)

This is my favorite podcast i almost had an apoplectic attack when my computer crashed and i lost all of the old episodes. but thankfully i was just able to re-download them! Way to represent Portland Mike!


The maps are beautiful. Great job. Although I do have to point out that you missed Cyprus. Thanks for the podcast as always. Between this and the Age of Constantine class I'm taking right now, I'm learning more about Rome than I ever thought I'd know.


Fantastic! The maps are a great addition. What's after Rome anyway? The History of Greece? The History of Egypt?

I would so look forward to the Exodus podcast!

...not trying to get ahead as you have a lot more to go, but when will Rome end - after the sack of Rome by the Visigoths in the 5th Century or will you include Byzantium up to the 1490's?

Elaine K.

I'm a longtime listener, first-time commenter. I loved the addition of maps - well done! I look forward to your podcast every week.

Bart P.

Thank you from Salem! or gratia tibi ago sir. Wonderful series. I listen on my commute daily when not practicing Latin cognates
Regards the discovery of Cleo and Mark you posted, and one comment above: Zahi Hawass is what is called a "Political Scientist". He is the researcher of record on just about any dig current in Egypt in that he is the official one must apply through. Not to denigrate Dr Hawass' skills, it is just the way things are done there.


thanks for the Maps,hope we can see them again in book form someday



Now that I've been through a few other history podcasts, it's becoming apparent that I found the best one first: this one. Really, I mean that. There is no better podcast for simple quality of delivery, lack of bombast or over-talk, confidence and good humor. Now that I've powered through all the older episoes, I await each update like a kid waiting on Christmas. Thanks HUGELY for this series!

Michael Hutchings

I’ve read many histories about Rome – my favorite being Caesar’s commentaries. Michael you have done a wonderful job here. You helped make sense of Livy’s early history of Rome for me; you made it come alive with your good humor and your ability to cut through the minutiae. I hope you see this thing through the fall of Byzantium.

Mike - Burlington, VT


I just found you about a month ago, and have already gobbled up all 51 episodes so far. I'm afraid I will have some serious withdrawl when thi sis ever over! Keep up the excellent work!



hi mike i am a lad that spends hours in my car travelling to and from work, justg when i was about to fall asleep at the wheel i discovered yours and dan carlins podcasts, thanks
hope this is not a finite service regards ken

Michael In Houston


Zahi Hawass, the head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities can hardly be called "the archaeologist who made the discovery is considered something of a hack by his peers."

LOL, but thx for your comment.
Michael In Houston


For Mike in Burlington: there is a very well done podcast on the History of the Byzantine Empire. You can find in in itunes. It has a very high rating as well, it's just over a year old, so not many people seem to know about it anymore.


Mike you are so old school with your hand-drawn maps! great job, been enjoying your podcast for a long time. your hiatus gave me time to catch up, since I came in around just before Punic War II

ps the Byzantium podcast (cf Paul) is really good


hey mike, long time listener here, love the maps. particularly the home made feel they have. your podcasts are quality. do you also record them at home?
i'll take my question off the air.

Steve M

Best wishes for you and future Mrs. History of Rome. Austin is one of my favorite cities and has much to offer a young couple. And, best wishes for your Master's studies.

As long as everyone is making suggestions for the three-years-in-the-future podcasts, I would like to suggest the Russian Empire. It has nearly the same history of excess, scandal and political infighting as the Romans.


CONGRATULATIONS on a successful production.

I have only recently come to podcasting but have almost become addicted to listening for the next installment. Luckily as I am late I can cram 3-5 episodes in per day.

I see there are regular comments about your pronunciation of some words/names, but I feel this is not very fair as we all learn our pronunciation from English actors in old movies (The Americans always being the enslaved heroes battling the overlords). As a Scotsman I say keep true to your own feelings - we will cope, I am sure any true Latin speakers would scoff at the English.

Great insight on Octavian's lifeview when faced with Alexander. Who was the greatest of them all?

Keep up the good work, I'm catching up quickly.


This is a---lot of information. thx for helping me on my h.w.! *<[={)

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