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April 12, 2009


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Anne Evans

Please Mike, the way you say "Ant-ny" is driving me crazy. It's An-to-ny, three syllables.

I can hardly stand to listen to any of the podcasts dealing with Antony because of the way you say the name.

Other than that I enjoy your work.


Congratulations on making your 50th Episode!


It's actually his 60th episode

Cogitator X

Still my favorite podcast! Keep up the good work!

Matt L.

Mike, congratulations on your impending nuptials. And if you would like some insight as to what married life will be like, go back and read that first post 50 times in a row.


this series of podcasts is informative and the presentation is excellent with a healthy amount of appropriate humor. thanks for this!


The only description for this podcast is..... Classic. :-)

Much appreciated.

(I think I understand now why people in the Renaissance and later centuries studied Ancient Rome so much. Not just for fun, but to learn how to play hard-ball politics from the Masters of the Game. They would have loved this series.)

Luke Baxter

This is a wonderful podcast, many thanks. Must say very sad to hear that you'll be off-air for a while, congratulations and have a good one. I've just managed to catch up after intenive listening through the back episodes only to find out that you're off on honeymoon! I could've gone on a more sedate pace.


Hey Mike where outside of Seattle did you live? I currently live in Bremerton. I noticed that you went to Western Washington; would you suggest going there or to UW for a degree in history (I know you didn't major in it but I was just curious)

Val in Vancouver

@MattL. OMG I just choked. You are so funny and I think due to the way women and men are wired you will inevitably be proved right over time. [Have you seen the second exihibit of Bodyworlds? or studied grade twelve bio? First year anatomy?] And MattL., you have a lucky wife:)

@Anne Evans I tend to speak the happy thoughts, and I've learned a lot that way, wether I'm right or wrong. I think you do know you can't find a better History podcast but do feel free to move on. . . I'm sure you'll be missed;)

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