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March 15, 2009


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Gregory Wise

it does not seem to work?


It doesn't work for me either - I've tried both direct download from here and iTunes and it seems like an empty file. Hopefully Mike can fix it soon!


Aw jeez,

I was just shutting my computer off and going to bed, too.


Sans Testicles

Beware the Ides of March...

Michael In Houston

What happened, Mike?!?




Apparently iTunes wasn't too happy with my forward slash in the title. Anyway, enjoy this week's episode, I'm going to bed.

Annals of Imperial Rome here I come...


@ sans

Totally! The Ides have not ended yet Caesar...


Hi Mike,

Just thought it'd be nice to let you know that I'm very much enjoying your series. Since you started, I've been looking forward to every new installment and I'm glad you picked up the pace so well again!

Carlo Verhaar, from the Netherlands

Gregory Wise

thanks for fixing it, and for having a great show.

Mikey Magnus

Another great episode Mike! By far the best podcast series I have ever heard! I have always found the story of Octavian a particularly fascinating one. How a boy that seemed so frail could grasp the reigns of power in such a turbulant time and in a society dominated by the honorable warrior mind frame like Rome no less. But as you said, it was really Agrippa doing all the heavy lifting. I have always pictured the relationship between Octavian and Agrippa as one resembling The Emperor Palpatine and Vader. A relationship where one expressed their will and the other executed it. Keep up the good work Mike!


Thanks for fixing the problem Mike, and an especially great episode this week. With all due respect to Julius Caesar, I'm glad we're beyond him now, and I'm looking forward to the remaining episodes about Augustus.


Ian Henley.

I have listened to all the episodes twice and think this is a really great podcast. Fantastic job and well done.

Scott Dunbar

NOOooooooooooo!!!! Just started listening to this series at the start of the week and Im now right up to date with no more to listen to. :-( Mike, pull yer finger out mate an get cracking on with these :-) How about u make em much longer and more frequent pls. In fact could u give up the day job and come round my house an tell me it there?
Failing that I guess I'll jus have to que up w all the plebs an wait till nxt week :-(

Top stuff tho mate! The best thing on Rome since the BBCs I:Claudious, an that's my fav TV series ever!! (yea... I'll have spelt Claudious wrong but hey I'm typin this on my phone [listening that way too] and don't have wikipedia at hand :-))

10 outa 10!!



Ooooh, Scott, you're not gonna like this one bit...I'm taking next week off.


Mike your awesome! Im only 17 but ive been obsessed with Rome and especially Caesar for about 10 years..and this is the best stuff ive ever gotten my hands on.

Just one question though..you mentioned Servilia, Brutus' mother briefly in one of the previous episodes but i was under the impression that she was a major factor in why Brutus betrayed Caesar. Correct me if im wrong but i thought that he was not happy with his mother being Caesar's mistress and so was already a bit annoyed with him. As i said..im happy to be corrected if i'm wrong..after all, our aim is to learn more about history :)

Top stuff mate..but i am a bit dissappointed i dont get to hear a new episode this week..but its damn good of you to use your free time helping us all learn more about a topic that has interested so many of us for so long. Have fun on your week off :)



By the way guys..anyone else interested in Julius Caesar should read Conn Iggulden's "Emperor" series. They are works of fiction but are an extremely captivating read and at the end of each of the 4 books are a few pages of notes on what he added into the story and what really happened.


Bob Buss

Your work is just great. For the first time I understand what was going on in Caesar's life and the politics around that time.

Your work is just excellent.

Roy "Roman Swords" Thomas

Nice post, as always.


In case you are wondering if anyone still listens to podcasts posted more than three years be assured...we do! I've been playing these for my 9 and 7 year-old at night for the past few months. We just listened to Episode 47 last night.

I realized that, through THOR, my children are getting what was once considered a required element of education for any upper class family...The History of Rome! Without even knowing it, you have a place in our family as our History Tutor (a la 17th century Europe). Thanks for making us feel like we are part of the historic 1%!

Matthew Ryan Hanson

The beautiful thing is that these won't be irrelevant. They are fantastic! I've been listening for months, eventually I'll make it through. I've listened to like five today alone.

Thanks again sir.

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