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March 01, 2009


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Flavius Flav

Awesome podcast!!


Great podcast!

I do have one question, though. Why did Caesar leave Antony in charge of Rome? I'm guessing Caesar knew about his Master of Horse's less than virtuous life style, but still.

Anyways, looking forward to the next episode!

john m howitt

Not a comment about any particular episode but a request. First. This podcast is excellent and with the hiatus recently i went back over many of the earlier episodes. I probably like many people had a limited, hollywood view of Roman history and this series has certainly opened my eyes to the great depth that was the empire. Thanks Mike.

OK now the request. You did one episode about Christmas / Saturnalia etc. and this was a small window into the Romans as a social people. SOme other bits people through about their tenaciousness in the face of adversity and their pride. If possible i would be interested in one or more episodes about the social and cultural life of the Romans. For instance i understand that in the time of Augustus a lot of time was spent visiting superiors etc. to greet them. THen of course is the institution of the baths, which again i believe was little in a sense with washing and all about socializing.

Now presumably my request would be no small task as the span of over a 1,000 years is a lot to cover and must have changed dramatically over that period but well if you get bored at any time.

Brian Compton

Thank you so much for doing this podcast. I am a high school Latin teacher and have found these immensely entertaining and educational. I have even added links to the episodes on my class' wiki page (harrisonlatin.wikispaces.com) to accompany lessons that I do on these topics.

@john howitt- yes, I would also love to see something like this. I was hoping that maybe there would be one around Valentine's day on Lupercalia and the history of St. Valentine.

Keep up the good work and gratias tibi iterum ago!


I LOVE this podcast. It is my absolute favorite, and believe me, I listen to a lot. It is clear, very interesting, and given in such a pleasant voice.

gratias ago

Dave P

Great podcast enjoy it very much. I just listend to the March 1st episode and heard an error. On the adoption of the 365 day calendar with a leap day added every 4 years by Julius Ceaser they made a mistake. It seems the Romans counted differently and added the extra day every 3 years for a couple of decades and had to remove the addition of several leap days to get it back on track.
Keep up the good work, the podcast is very entertaining.

Matt L.

Having only discovered THoR a few weeks ago, I zealously mowed through all fifty some-odd episodes. All other podcasts and radio broadcast were put on hold. Alas, now I am caught up forced to wait like any other poor pleb waiting for the next shipment of grain.

Mike, we are in you debt. Thank you.

And for you other Roman history buffs, might I recommend Stephan Dando-Collins' Caesar's Legion: The Epic Saga of Caesar's Tenth Legion and the Armies of Rome. The audio book is absolutely intoxicating.


Thank you for this Podcast, as a Dive instructor in the caribbean I really enjoy history but books are hard to come by. This is a great way to spend the morning commute to work. How far are you going to go with the History of Rome? Are we going to go through the Byzantine Empire as well?

Graham Ashton

Great work Mike, I have been following from almost the start and am a devotee. I particularly like listening to these podcasts and then comparing them where possible with 'The Classical World' by Robin Lane Fox. The latter episodes re Caesar & Co provide interesting perspectives in both cases. Good luck for the remaining eps and best wishes to the patient soon to be Mrs THoR.

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