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January 18, 2009


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I listen to only one podcast and it is yours, since I came across it 6 months ago I have found it a tremendous addition to my week.


Sans Testicles

lol gauls


All Gaul is divided into three parts


I listen to many podcasts but yours is by far my favorite.


Just wanted to say how great I think your podcast is, and to say thanks for all the effort you put in. You manage to walk the line between being informative without patronising, and entertaining without facile. Fantastic work, and much appreciated!


Fantastic. I love listening and have enjoyed every episode. Am a philosopher who developed an addiction to Roman history. Well done and thank you. I would great if someday there was a single downloadable file containing all these episodes. Thanks!

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Thank you for your sharing!


This episode through #57 is not being picked-up be iTunes.

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