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December 14, 2008


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Kitty, maybe you could help me find MikeDuncan-29TiberiusGracchusTheHistoryOfRome985.mp3 as my iTunes says it can't be found on the server. Thank you for your assistance.


Nice cat, and nice Turkish rug.

Jamey Kirby


This is an awesome Podcast. Between you and Dan Carlin, I barely have time for work anymore :)

What's next?


Will Radik

What a lovely assistant! Really glad to see new shows popping up on the feed again. I've been waiting for months! Great show!



I have an issue where my iPod insists on playing your podcast eposodes in reverse order no matter what i try. even if i reorder the eposodes in iTues it will oly play it from latest to earliest, which defeats the purpose as I can't follow along as the history occured. any tips for that? what am i doing wrong?


- Zoli
[email protected]

p.s. your podcast is awesome and i'm not even all that into history, but this is great!


Best excuse ever!


Great show, any recommended books on Roman history? Once again thanks for the podcasts.


Really like the Podcast and second the comment about yourself & Mr Carlin posted above.

When you've done with the fall of Rome how about cracking on with the Byzantines ... another few 100 years of material ....


Hi Mike, soon to be Mrs Mike and the super feline assistant!

Christmas has come early with the return of your podcast! Many thanks for the hours of enjoyment.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.


My cat Tigger says your cat looks like his long lost brother, Catticus. Tigger says that your cat was once known as Emperor Catticus, centuries ago and should probably be used more frequently as a source for your podcast.

Danny Hellman

An altogether different sort of "cat"-iline conspiracy, (cue rimshot).

Anthony Lado

Your podcast is the absolute best. Witty, informative, and entertaining, I am so glad your back from your hiatus.

Thank you for putting in the effort. Your legions appreciate it.

kevin de souza

I just started listening to to this podcast. Love to see your assistant is keeping you company. I have always been a big history enthusiast. I have been watching series Rome on HBO with this podcast. I am amazed with the similarities the our nation has with Rome and how it had maintain a state of war to keep its economy going.

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