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December 14, 2008


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I truly hope you continue this series. I have encouraged all my friends and family to listen. I find your approach enjoyable and entertaining and the information you provide worthwhile beyond compare. My only hope is that my friends and family gain from your podcast the prospectus many of students of Rome have when we watch the events happen today. I truly hope an audio company out there get wind of this podcast and seeks to make it not only a labor of love for you but a labor of profit as well.

your fellow roman student


Just wanted to say thanks for firing up the podcast again... it's one of the best!

Would it be possible for you to list some of your sources or maybe just a list of books about Rome you like? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to delve a little deeper into some aspects of the narrative.

Thanks again!

Erik Vold

Great podcast on Pompey!

Thank you



I really enjoy listening to your podcast! You do an excellent job with your research and an excellent job compiling that into an engaging narrative!

I was still catching up with episodes during your short hiatus so, to me, there was no interruption! :-)

And finally, a question: would you consider continuing on with the History of Rome past the exile of Romulus Augustulus? Because the story of the Roman Empire truly did not end until Constantinople fell in 1453.

Either way, I truly enjoy listening and will save them all for "re-listening" in the future!



It's waaaay too early to start thinking about what happens after Romulus Augustulus. We're not even to Caesar Augustus yet!

FWIW though, I would probably continue the story of Rome itself through the barbarian riddled Dark Ages rather than hop over to the Byzantines. But honestly, I think I'll probably draw the line at 476. All good things must come to an end...


It may interest you to know that the fans have created a Facebook group on your behalf. Perhaps a shameless plug is in order so that the group can grow and we can amuse ourselves in between episodes.

Mark Lannen

How do I access the facebook account?

Ramón EspinosadelosMontero

I´ve just started a week ago,and I´m already in the 37th chapter... great podcast Mike!!

Renzi Hernandez

Congratulations on an excellent work!!!

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