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November 28, 2008


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WOW, thanks for coming back. And in grand style, a great episode.

Rob in Maine

Thanks for coming back. I've gone back and begun listening to all the previous episodes to catch up in grand style.


Thanks for bringing back my absolute favourite podcast.

I'm going to have to revisit a few earlier episodes to get back into the swing of things.... no hardship at all.


Your insightful rendition of the History of Rome kept me sane through Latin. I hope you settled in well! I eagerly await each episode each week. Thanks!


Great Thanksgivings surprise ! Glad to see this great podcast back.

Bob Buss

So glad you're back. Thanks for all your work. My favorite podcast.

John C

So glad you are back. This is my favorite podcast.

Mike J

Excellent - thanks for coming back been waiting for this for ages!!!!

Fraser Ronald

So glad to see the History of Rome is back. Really enjoyed episode 34 and I'm downloading episode 35 now. I'm mentioning the return of tHoR on my own podcast, as I think this is the best history podcast not coming out of the BBC (In Our Time remains my favourite).

Cheers and thanks for all your work!

Jim Mowatt

That Sulla is quite something isn't he. An appalling man although possibly a well meaning one.
Welcome back


I am so happy you're back! This is my favorite podcast and I really missed it. Thank you for all the great work!


WELCOME BACK!!!. What a great Christmas gift!!!
Seriously, I am very excited about this wonderful series continuing.

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