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November 28, 2008


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Luise (Tasmania,Australia)

Has anyone else found this episode difficult to download and once downloaded,to keep. It keeps going missing. So I have to download again. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong...

Ryan Licari

This episode appears to be the only one missing from the iTunes store. Is there any other way I can download it?

Peter Haldezos

Same issue for technically challenged me (not on iTunes so how can I get it to download as I don't want to listen to it online).

Many thanks for what I've listened to already. I'm really enjoying it.


Well, on a mac, you just choose 'Download this linked file' and then add it to your others on a playlist...


Still not listed on itunes. Anyway for the non-Mac people to get it?

Jack Knyvett

It's just a pity of such a great pod cast that this is the only episode that is not available on itunes



Would someone solve these problems once and for all??? We put a man on the moon, and we can't get all of THOR podcast episodes??!!

I protest.

Mike, Amabo Te, get a geek to solve this problem.

Frank Scommegna

Can anyone walk this novice mac user through how to download #28? Thanks.

These episodes are truly wonderful. Thanks Mike>


Ben Nicholson

I can't get either it's really annoying, still trying to work it out and why I accidently said the 100th episode was the 99th. Any help please

Ben Nicholson

Problem solved at last it's now coming up on iTunes and it was very enjoyable

jared cheek

where????? arg.


Well this episode showed up randomly after Septimius Severus and the "year of the five emperors".

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