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July 27, 2007


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The first episode. To think that you would complete this monumental task of covering the entire Ancient Roman history in under 5 years time. That is roughly 250 years covered per year. Pretty good when you consider the depth of the work throughout. There is nary an event of import that he did not cover in detail.

In the end I really think this will go down as a modern day Gibbon. I really believe that.

Mike, has a gift for this. The sheer amount of research that went into any given episode is astounding. Especially given that much of the time he was pumping out an episode per week.

I cannot wait for his new project now that what was started here is now completed.

Ashley Nef

Just discovered your podcast today...and I am profoundly impressed. I am already a huge fan (and since I am only up through episode 11, I will be around for a while)! Cannot wait to continue listening. Thank you so much for this monumental project!


Without exaggeration, you are so awesome for doing this. Thank you thank you thank you

Mike Lisle

This podcast is wonderful, it will help thousands enjoy Roman history in an enjoyable qell rhoufht out way..mike lisle


I've got back to the beginning because one simply cannot get enough History of Rome.

Adam P

Wow, I have fallen in love with this podcast. I actually just completed the entire series, just wanted to drop a line at the beginning and thank you for all the wonderful work! I am looking forward to whatever you may want to pursue next. God Bless and thanks for making this possible!


second time hearing your great podcast. very informative and brings the past to life. hope your 'revolution' podcast goes well!

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