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The Bomber Mafia, by Malcolm Gladwell

An audio-first "book", it is a fascinating history of the US Airforce through world war II and the evolution of bombing tactics.

I truly was very sad when it ended.


The Warrior of Rome and Throne of the Caesars series by Harry Sidebottom.

They're adventure novels set during the Crisis of the Third Century and include a massive cast of characters who showed up in History of Rome (most notably Aurelian). Warrior of Rome follows an Angle nobleman in Roman service during the reigns of Valerian and Gallienus. Throne of the Caesars covers the reign of Maximinus Thrax and the Year of the Six Emperors following a bunch of different characters both historical (Maximinus, Pupienus, Timesitheus, Gordian II) and invented (some plebs).

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