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13 September 2022


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In the previous thing, Appendix 1, when you said at ~3:50 that "9 years ago, ..." I stared at the calendar for like a full minute. Has it _really_ been that long? Was the History of Rome really that long ago? Where did the time go...


I listened to all the episodes on the French revolutions but never knew what Ancien meant, haha. I thought it was the name of the regime that got overthrown. Like it's roots was from a family called Ancien or something like that, haha. Thanks Mike for 9 awesome years. (Plus the books and history of Rome of course).

Jamie Moffat

Any chance you'll come to Toronto for a leg of your tour ?


Please, oh please let your next book be called A Roguescallary(sp?) of Dumbasses


Loved the Great Idiot Theory of History

Hieronymus Kothbauer

Are you considering selling merchandise to conclude the show?

Chris Conley

@Sagi Rogues' Gallery?

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