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05 September 2022


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Shane Doherty

Partly influenced by your podcasts I've generally described my view on history as the "loose kindling" theory: Broad socioeconomic trends, and the occasional direct decree, deposit potentially flammable detritus all over the place, while individuals either ignore those deposits and continue their habits, realise some parts are messy and try to clean it up, or throw lit matches and the occasional molotov cocktails around in the hope of igniting it. But even the people who try to clean it up are using matches to see what they're doing, and they're easier to drop than you think.

Leigh Ann Weber

Mike, Thanks for this beginning of the end… will be so sorry when you “really” conclude, but look forward to your next project - and hope that it is not too long in coming! Have greatly enjoyed your podcast work (currently going through History of Rome - third time), and both your books (Hero of Two Worlds - listened to twice already) - blessings and best wishes - LAW


Hi Mike. Small correction in Appendix 1: at 36:28 you say something like “here we are at the end of 2020” instead of 2022. Cheers.

David Aguirre

I love it, I love it so much. The last comment about the end of civilization made me realize someone needs to record all of Revolution and Hist of Rome in other media, and maybe copy manuscripts and keep in strong ass safe. Thank you for the education Mike.

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