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27 July 2022


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Frank Gulla

Milke, what a great story and terrific read. Good luck and looking forward to this becoming a period piece on HBO, PBS or maybe over on the BBC. (I guess the French would want to make it in French with subtitles. How gauche)


Louis XVIII certified History of Rome listener.


Son of a Gun!
I listened to it on an extended bike tour and had the SNARKIEST reply about Timothee Chalamet having to make time in his schedule ready and BAMM there comes that last sentence.

Congeatulations on 15 years!

(I knew the answer was Vespatian, but only because I'm on my 6th loop through a certain podcast right before the five good emperors. Otherwise the King would have gotten me, too ;)) )


Mike, nice upcoming book tour, but I notice you happen to leave off Columbus, OH. I'm certain it was just an oversight :)


Columbus! I want Columbus! Only 6 hours from DC! 3 hours from 4 major cities! Biggest university! Cheap flights! Airport in the city!


I enjoyed the reading of the script, as I have enjoyed the entirety of the 15 years of podcasts, and own copies of both published books (in fact, I bought four copies of Hero of Two Worlds and distributed three to family members).

What I do not understand is the use of completely unnecessary expletives. I realize that current day cable and streaming shows have copious amounts of expletives, but this hits me as vulgar, low-class, and too lazy to use other words.

In several of the final episodes of Revolutions, Mike was apparently not able to get through a 30-minute episode without using an expletive. That is in poor taste. I expect better. I also hope you have changed the "clean" rating to whatever is appropriate. This falling back to expletives is what I expect from middle school kids, not well-educated people in a professional setting. Just thought you should know that not everyone appreciates salty language. Again, I expect better.

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