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28 March 2022


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Hi Mike. Thank you for another great episode. I'm a very long-time listener and fan and supporter. How does it feel to be writing this episode, when today, 101 years later, Polish weapons and volunteers are once again fighting side by side with Ukrainians in Lviv and Kiev? Once again, Russians misreading the locals and over-stretching their supply lines? Has so little changed in 101 years?


The battle of Komarow, a few days after the battle of Warsaw, is worth some historical note. Not so much for it's place in this war, but that it was the last significant cavalary battle in history (and one of the largest) and it was also the final action in the lineage of the steppe horse peoples. Something that we've seen again and again on the eastern borders of europe since Roman times.


Still waiting on an Apple Podcasts link.

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