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21 February 2022


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Nathan Twyman

Colourised photo of Makhno with Pavel Dybenko, husband of Alexandra Kollontai: https://www.deviantart.com/klimbims/art/Pavel-Dybenko-and-Nestor-Makhno-1918-738273832


Every single final E in Russian (Ukrainian, German) is pronounced (every vowel anywhere, in fact).

Hoo-lyay-POH-leh (Hulyaipole), STROO-veh, VIT-teh, PLEH-veh, Tch-khe-EE-dzeh (Chkheidze).

Only the Anglo-French imperialists stuff their words full of letters they never intend to pronounce.

Konstantin T.

Mike, Ukrainian "батько" (bat'ko) simply means "father." There is no allusion to "small" at all.


He would be a great asset against the current Russian invasion


Wow, this suddenly became extremely topical.


This title aged badly.

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