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14 February 2022


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White Army sounds very much like what happened when Gentleman Johnny's Party Train failed to meet up with Howe

Robert Zimmerman

Mike I have a question after listening to this episode.

Given all of the perks and privileges given to Communist Party members, why *wouldn't* a Russian want to join the Party?

Is it entirely that membership was limited and competitive, and so Party membership was not at the discretion of the worker? If so, was applying expensive or time-consuming?

Or were there also downsides to membership--maybe increased scrutiny--that gave some people pause about joining?

Thank you!


To answer Ariel: I don’t believe there were any liberal or socdem-leaning troops that the SPD could’ve called on. Soldiers in these periods of crisis and emergency tends towards the extreme; either Petrograd Garrison-types (insurrectionarily revolutionary) or Denikin-types (bloodily reactionary), or apathetic and just sick of everything. Generals tend to fall into the conservative mold, for obvious reasons. When troops get insurrectionary, it’s against the officers rather than under their command (typically).

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