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07 February 2022


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The case of the 'German Revolution' is pretty interesting. It's really unlikely the Sparticist uprising could have worked, but one wondered what could have happened if the Sparticists had split from the USPD and SPD in general earlier, and then had more discipline once mass demonstrations and protests happened. Luxembourgh had a very heavy tendency and bias towards the masses as almost always effective and more importantly party loyalty that ended up delaying the split, Liebknecht had been in the party family wise for so long and was so tied to the SPD, and this was true of a lot of the Sparticists in general, formed by the Lasssallean ideas affecting the SPD from the start. There were much more effective and greater number revolutionary industrial worker attempts later within a year like the Ruhr uprising, in Saxony, Bremen, and Rhineland, or more questionable leftist led attempts like Bavaria, but there was no timing or coordination between these events, and each and every was eventually crushed.

Peter McVary

FYI. Freikorps is pronounced Fry-kor. In German, the ei is pronounced eye, while ie is pronounced ee. Basically the inverse of English where the second vowel is silent.


I wasn't expecting an episode on the German revolution, but it was a good one. The period of the Weimar Republic is one of my favorites to study for its mix of artistic and cultural vibrancy and political and economic instability. The Bavarian Soviet Republic that lasted a few weeks in 1919 is also interesting, though probably too far off the path with the focus on Russia.

Jamie Moffat

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One point I wish Mike clarified is why couldn't Ebert rely on soldiers who were loyal to the SPD/liberal democracy? Where most soldiers exclusively revolutionary or reactionary?

Rachel b.

I'm a big fan. I've listened to both HoR and Revolutions twice and feel like I got different things from each pass and it is never boring. I'm caught up, and I'm starting SBtS and HoTW on audio books because I can't get enough Mike Duncan in my ears! When Revolutions ends (which will be sad), I can't wait to see what comes next!

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