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24 January 2022


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Eddy R

Jukums Vācietis is pronounced "Yukums Vatzietis"

Valerie Bernard

Love this podcast! I just finished listening to Adam Tooze’s The Deluge audiobook. It’s a perfect compliment to this podcast. It covers the period of 1916 to 1930 and places the Russian Revolution in the broader context of WWI and its aftermath. Your series on the Paris Commune and Franco-Prussian War also gives background that helps contextualize Tooze’s sympathy for Clemenceau and the French position in the Treaty of Versailles.

Thanks for all your work!!! I just binge listened to the entire History of Rome series over the Xmas holidays while waiting for your return. Really, really excellent.


Hooray, the comments section is open again! Why was it closed anyway?

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