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14 June 2021


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Shane Doherty

Next week the conservatives shall throw a bucket of seawater overboard from Titanic.

Josh B

The ability of the Romanovs to make the wrong decision 100% of the time without fail continues to amaze. Also surprised Rasputin lasted as long as he did.


I really want to be sympathetic with the Romanov family as human beings. But I can’t help but think the commies did humanity a solid cleaning them from the gene pool.


I still remember when incompetence this ridiculous seemed… well, absurd.

It does say something about the last decade that while it hasn’t made me supportive of the Bolsheviks and Jacobins, it’s certainly enlightened me on WHY people supported them.

I used to find Nicholas sympathetic but increasingly I can’t and I never thought Alexandra was sympathetic (it’s a cliche but ‘Karen’ fits her like a glove), although I think I’ve appreciated how badly some of her experiences might have affected her. What happened to their children though was unquestionably evil and no parent deserves that.

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