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24 May 2021


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Bear bob

Another great episode. Thanks. I’m dreading the day you’re done with this final series.

Oh, not sorry to see your PSG losing the title to some team I’d hardly ever heard of. Watched the final Lille game. I don’t speak French but I did understand the post game interviews where the players keeps talking about ‘colectif’. Heard their roster cost a quarter of Neymar.

/ End of rant. Back to praise

This week’s episode was so good that I listened to it three times.


I don’t know if my post went thru but ...
I was wondering if the German’s had any idea of the consequences that would unfurl with great devastation upon the Russian people, or for that matter the world, by harboring Lenin then unleashing him back to Russia. Probably not ...

John Poole

Richard, they were going all in on winning yhe war at all costs...probably a little short-sighted. But we will never know how SR dominated Russia would have gone.

Shane Doherty

German thinking in World War One routinely put military considerations above all else, even when this worked against the political calculus and ultimately made the military situation worse in the long run. From harsh occupation policies in Belgium to Unrestricted Submarine Warfare to the Zimmerman Telegram, each of these policies made their case harder to plead.

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