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10 May 2021


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Glad you're back and in good health! Listening to this episode, I'm amazed at the breadth and depth of European and world history you've covered. It was exciting to see the puzzle pieces of WWI's origins form a coherent picture!

Robespierre’s Jaw

Glad the move and the surgery both went well. It is so great to hear your voice on Monday afternoon commutes! It makes Monday a bit easier knowing that we get a bit more story that afternoon as a new episode drops. I will be pre-ordering TWO copies of Hero of Two Worlds today and I can’t wait to dive in!

Now if you’ll pardon me, my jaw is a little tender from this talk.....



So great to hear about your health and move! Plus the book will definitely be a pre-order from me. I discovered your work late last year and it has been great to be able to catch up to the point that I could comment to say thanks a lot for everything.

John Poole

What? The Commies won? Spoilers Mike!


Glad you're back and I'm good health! I just preordered from bookdepository.com. looking forward to reading it!

Shane Doherty

I understand your reasons for not covering the Greek Revolution, but I'm still a little sad at the missed opportunity for a great coda (for a few things) to it: The anecdote of triumphant Greeks going to a small village proclaiming the freedom of the Greeks, and the village being confused because they called themselves Romans.

Zeb Carvalho

Glad you are well Mike. Preordered the book but since i live in Australia i did it through book depository. Continue the great work..listening to history of rome 10 times helped me answer who the first 5 emperors were in a work quiz after which i was promptly told to get a life.


Quick question. Would you consider selling the series on Bandcamp with maybe a redone English Civil Wars and American Revolution when you finish? I'd like them all neatly ordered and high quality for my music player.


If we don’t end with Trotsky in Mexico City, I riot!

Colm Doyle

Pre-paid (to help my local book store)

Books Inc.
Chestnut St.
San Francisco

Grzegorz Wiśniewski

I hope earlier preorders count!
Or perhaps they're totally zapped and I should answer to this brand new call?


Hero of Two Worlds pre-ordered from a local bookstore.

The Open Book
Warrenton, VA


Pre-ordered at The Book Den in Santa Barbara, CA. Good to hear you made it back OK.


I’ve been a fan for three years- I found History of Rome when I was searching for a way to review for one of my classics courses while I drove home from a road trip- and after this episode I realized just how much I’ve learned from your work. I have no doubt that without Revolutions I would not have fallen in love with history beyond 476, and now that I realize just how meaningful this podcast is to me I felt like I should say something. I can’t thank you enough for broadening my horizons in this way— I’ve preordered Hero of Two Worlds and can’t wait to read it!

John Poole

Oh by the way I preordered your book at Black Pearl Books on Burnet Road in Austin, TX. You lived here so you probably know where that is.


Good to hear you are well Mike. Pre-ordered at Donner in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).


Phenomenal episode this week!!


I have enjoyed this podcast for a quite long time. It has always been my favorite podcast. Mike, you are the podcaster who got me into listening to podcasts back in THOR days. And I am really excited about your new book. I would be super happy to pre-order it through my favorite local bookstore. (Book Bin Salem, Oregon.)

However, the threat of yanking the conclusion of this long running extremely popular podcast is in my opinion crossing the line.

Especially right at the start of your campaign. You cant even be that desperate yet

While I understand your need for 10,000. What is the validity of being able to claim 10,000 pre-orders if it's based partially on the threat to remove another product as it is approaching the climax? That really undermines the credibility of having the numbers.

The NPR style guilt trip of 'you've been listening to all these podcasts for free so buy my book' made me chuckle!
And that worked, but I feel way too manipulated and let down by my favorite podcasters unnecessary threat of discontinuing the conclusion of one of the greatest podcasts ever. Enough so that for me. I will NOT pre-order the new book until the threat is removed. If the threat isn't retracted, I will purchase it after September instead. Because of course I'm going to read the book as I am sure it will be fantastic.

I hope you can find the confidence in yourself that I have in you to not have to threaten your fans in order to comply with your publishers demands in support the capitalist bestseller game.

Analogy. Imagine being at a ball game at the start of the top of the ninth and the stadium announces that you have to commit to buying tickets to tomorrows game against a different team or else they will end the game before the 3rd out of the top of the inning is made. My guess is that a lot of people would buy tickets but a non-trivial amount of fans would not, purely out resentment of even more capitalist manipulation.

Good day and best wishes.


Happy to hear you are safe and sound! I'll definetly preorder the book! I started with The History of Rome like two years ago (now I'm getting to the end for de second time) and I continue with Revolutions. I learned a lot (and still learning) about history and I'm so thankful about your work. I'm from Argentina, so my native language is spanish, so I also been practice my english. I haven't found any other podcast with the quality of your work so, whenever you stop doing Revolutions, please start another one! (Yeah, I'm being selfish).

John Poole

Danielle that was a joke. Mike has a real dry sense of humor like that.


Danielle, listen to the end of the episode. He straight-up admits it’s an ‘idle threat’ and it was a joke. (It’s after the end-credits music, so it’s easy to miss)


Congrats on the book being finished and that you are safe and sound in your new home. The pre-order has been placed with Mosaic Books in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.


Oops! I didnt catch that. I take it all back then. I thought he was serious.

looking forward to the book.

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