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18 April 2021


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Steve Scanlan

Great tie-in to Revolutions! Did you happen to go to any of the banlieues that were so in the news a couple of years back?


Mike-this was like poetry. The accounts of being part of history but also the emotional richness of the episode blew me away. I’ve listened to every episode you’ve done at least twice if not three times and I think this was your best episode ever.


I simply love this man and his work.


Welcome back Mike and family!
Great episode! Looking forward to the pictures.
Pre-ordered Hero of Two Worlds last month.

Dan Roy

Excellent episode. No other podcaster is in your league.


The writing on this episode was exceptional. Eloquent and emotional, a true sign of the great storyteller Mike is. Thank you.


i agree with above comments. Thx for sharing all that. and really been enjoying learning about the russian revolution, fascinating. Neo-Bakunins Unite! (but not too much) got a American Rev. question. talking with a friend he made the point the real cause of the revolution was the cancellation of the colonial script for some English note of dept. what do you think of that? and if you covered it plz jus link me...it's been awhile.
also looking forward to the book! gonna preorder some time this week. cheers

Mary Lou

So excited to comment. Quite late to the party only recently discovering HOR in Feb 2021. Now working through Revolutions and currently hanging out with Simon Bolivar. Following on your website, the comments are always closed. Fascinating listening to your take on history and reading comments from years ago which now have their own historical interest. So hello to you in the present and happy to say I am looking forward to your book. Who doesn’t love Lafayette cuz Hamilton! I truly appreciate your hard work to give us such compelling history. Thanks Mike!

Jason Tay

I lived in Paris as an exchange student for a year in 2015-2016. During that time, the attacks of 13th novembre and the loi travail protests both occurred. It was insane to watch this massive city that I got to know, even a little bit, transform so dramatically.

The attacks of 13th novembre were something I'll never forget. I spent that night in my apartment with a fellow exchange student, watching the conflicting information come in and listening to the chorus of sirens echo throughout the city. The next day, we emerged to find the major sites around the city shut down, and armed patrols of gendarmerie police all over the place. Everyone seemed to be on guard, and there was a level of stress present on the city streets for weeks afterward.

As for the loi travail protests, they happened right as I was leaving. While they weren't nearly as big as the gilet jaune or transportation strike, they were still pretty massive, even by French protest standards. It was the first real push Macron made to chipping away at the social safety nets, and the public anger really showed. I still remember being at Place d'Italie and listening as the crowd exploded into the Internationale, before marching across the city in one massive river of people, just as you describe.

I feel like you got to see way more insanity over your three years, but I definitely related deeply to this episode. Thank you for posting this.

Andrea Smith

This was a wonderful episode- it really shared the feeling of the highs of the World Cup, the emotion of the Yellow Vest protests, and the emptiness of lockdown.

I'm waiting to order (multiples of) the new book until I can get it via the Strand or Powells, as I'm trying to support the stores I love.

Maybe one day we will do another tour after you heal my friend!

P.S. Legion III reunion is tentative for April 2022.

Erwin De Hondt

Things change, empires fall and the world is a different place than it was in 1796, but one thing obviously hasn't changed.
Dont. Make. Parisians. Angry.


Reminded me a bit of Alistair Cooke's "letters from America". You should think about doing more current events commentary.

Stephen Kuban

Mike, this episode was incredible. You are an incredible storyteller.


Hope all is well. Welcome back.


Fascinating how usefull a mostly harmless new flu virus is to our betters.

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