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12 April 2021


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Shane Doherty

That anecdote of Alexandra being confronted with Rasputin's less than pious activities and digging deeper to defend him is something that's certainly not gone away in modern times. It's hard to unhook a con man from their prey.

Craig Johnson

Hey Mike, just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your upcoming procedure and travel back to the US. Thanks as always for the amazing work you do on REVOLUTIONS!


I wish you well in your recovery. If you have the time once you're back in the states you might want to check out the movie Nicholas and Alexandra. At 3+ hours it's a bit of a slog in parts, but Tom Baker as Rasputin makes up for it.


So he didn´t have a talking bat then?

Oliver Lambkin

Mr Duncan,
Longtime fan. Just wanted to say best of luck with your recovery and move back to the States.

Bradley Grissom

Hey Mike,
Thank you for the years of content, great work and best of luck with your move and your recovery!

Ian Cooke

Hi Mike,
Having finally caught up to the present day after 2 years of listening, I'd like to thank you for your endless efforts, from Rome to Revolutions. It's been an inspiration and one hell of a ride.

Best of luck in your relocation and take care!


Sadly, the only thing harder than conning someone is to convince them they’ve been conned. So no wonder the Imperial family didn’t budge. I could talk about recent politics but instead I’ll say that if you believe only one side exclusively, guess what.

Get well soon Mike!

Juan Carlos

Thanks for continuing publishing this wonderful podcast. Have a safe return to the USA. After having four kidney stones procedures myself, I can relate to your pain. Get well soon!

Brent Kreinop

Hope you're recovery is going well. To help brighten your day, enjoy this metal cover of Rasputin https://youtu.be/ngDZPmUBW34

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