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29 March 2021


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Shane Doherty

Oh dear, when it rains it pours. Hope everything turns out okay Mike!

Also I agree, familial ties between nations' ruling families will clearly be a check on warmongering.


You aren't staying in Europe? Why come back here?


Dear Mike,

Good luck with your medical trajectory. I wish you and your family all the best.


Good luck with everything. Where are u moving?
U lived in Portland, Austin, Madison, and finally Paris.


Good luck, Mike! I'm so sorry you're going through yet another round of hardship. I hope that the surgeries are successful and you make a full recovery.

I loved this episode because you illustrated how seriously this was affecting their mentality and decisions. On top of all the other things that were happening, having to worry about your child dying because of a usually trivial activity must have been nigh unbearable.


Another week of suspenseful waiting to see if you name the episode what I think you’re going to!
Seriously though I hope you’re managing with everything at the moment. It sounds like a lot and I’m hopefully speaking for all your fans when I say that self-care comes first and we don’t mind waiting if necessary. After all, shorter episodes and hiatuses have the advantage of putting off the horrible day when you run out of Revolutions to talk about.

Grzegorz Wiśniewski

Mike, that is really fancy ordeal that the fate have planned for you. I hope everything will be fine with the treatment & flying & reinstallment in US. Also best health to you all.

Then again, come back to Europe ASAP.

Nick Russon

Hang in there, Mike! You're a national treasure! Thank you for all you do!


This week’s episode may have been shorter but it was every bit as good as usual! I hope your surgery on Friday goes well and happy Easter.


Mike - best of health!

....Pretty please, Ras-POO-tin, NOT Ras-PEW-tin. Just like Putin. Or the Boney M song.

Stephen DeMarco

Thank you and get well!

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