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15 March 2021


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J.P. Hutchinson

Despite this episode not really tying in to the greater theme of revolution beyond explaining Stolypin and the village, I think this might be the best episode so far, it's incredibly tightly written, delivered really well, and manages to be engaging when really it's about chains of command and village commons.

Konstantin T.

Very interesting all around! Mike's description of the estate-segregated administration of rural areas made me locate and review the Act on Land Captains of July 12, 1889. Here it is in the original language (in modern orthography): http://istmat.info/node/33969.
An interesting aspect of this law is that land captains were recruited exclusively from the ranks of the nobility.

Konstantin Tadenev

Another observation... the comparison with Ancien Régime is spot on. In addition to the central-local and estate-specific jurisdiction confusion, there was substantial variance in regional administration specifics. For instance, the administration of Mariupol District of Ekaterinoslav Governorate owed much of its uniqueness to the privileges granted by Catherine II in the late 1700s. The socio-administrative picture in this district was so unique that the Russian administration regarded the local rural population as a separate estate of settlers (Rus.: поселенцы), distinct from the peasant estate elsewhere.
Other regions with local specifics included the Don and other Cossack Hosts, etc.

Valentina Romee

Will the SR's and anarchists not receive similar attention that given to the rsdlp over the last several weeks, I had hoped there would be a non-teleological balance, given we can't know who is going to come out on top in 1908.

John Poole

Yeah Kerensky was a SR and the SRs won the election of 1917 so clearly if the Revolution was decided by who the Russian people wanted, and not who was more cynical and ruthless, the SRs would have come out on top. I hope we will talk more about them as the 1917 revolution gets going.

Nathaniel Wilson

What do you mean by "younger" radicals?

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