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14 February 2021


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John Poole

What? Why don't these people think about my needs? How selfish!

Seriously though have a great break and I will hear you next week!


nevermind your health and crank out the episode. That'd be OK for me, tbh


We do miss you and the podcasts. Happy to hear the revisions and edits are done and look forward to your next episode. In the meantime, I'm finally listening to the History of Rome to fill the gap. Great job on that too!



Un-related, but have you ever read the book Anatomy of a Revolution?

Sorry if I missed it, but if you ever wanted to do a one-off episode and take a break from your current arc I for one would be interested in how your view comports with the authors.

Keep up the good work! Don’t overdo it!
-A long time fan.

Rigorous Monotony

I'm just happy that you successfully navigated healthcare in a foreign language and survived to continue. Thank you for all the hard work over the years. The original book title was better, but you know what you're doing. Glad you're here.


I'm happy whenever Revolutions content drops in the feed. Family, health, book need care and feeding first.

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