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21 February 2021


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I don't know a lot about Georgian but I once had the pronunciation of Dzhugashvili explained to me as basically being 'Jooug-ash-villy'

Mason Smith

Finally caught up! You have helped me stay sane throughout all this, and I can’t thank you enough. Keep doing what you’re doing, and I hope to be listening far into the future.

Doug Maynard

I loved this episode. Someone needs to adapt this historical event into a motion picture!


Oh, come on, Mike! You're not gonna say Stalin's birth name??

First name - Yoh-seb (in Georgian) or Ee-oh-sif (in Russian). Last name - Joo-gah-shvee-lee (or as the earlier comment transcribed it if that's simpler).

Also - if it's not obvious, "Stalin" is from the Russian word for "steel", which speaks to the image of himself that he wanted to project. "Koba", similarly, was a Robin Hood (Pancho Villa) type, bandit-hero character from a popular book.

Awesome episode indeed. Liberal speeches in parliaments are great history, but they need to be spiced up with some iron and blood ;-).

Swimming Bird

I've been waiting for you to get to my boii Stalin, my mans was literally Tony Montana and Bugs Bunny on steroids who got away with everything.

My man needs a gangsta movie made about him.


Thank you for the excellent episode.
I really like the fact that you actually have a genuine file name when you download it, and not something like sl103@#_(54jsj

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