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24 January 2021


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Shane Doherty

Charles X is smiling at this episode.

Joe Snider

You mentioning "local book store" in your bit about the book really made me thing. I stopped, and didn't order it from amazon (...besides the audio book.) and am now looking for a local bookstore to purchase the book from. :)

Airlangga Julio

You said bookshop.com, I look it up and the domain is not there. But there's bookshop.org, it's the same right?

Mike Pomerantz

Someone on Reddit pointed this out:

"Duncan is incorrect about the Bolsheviks in the Duma elections of 1907. They actively participated, won 3 of the 6 RSDLP seats. Lenin explained the elections were an important tool for popularizing the revolutionary Bolshevik program with the workers, as opposed to the Mensheviks (called "Liquidators") who favored a more symbolic, less aggressive approach."

Someone else provided some primary sources:




It's probably just nitpicking, but what is the point of talking about Lenin if you're not going to nitpick? People have been debating his legacy for a century, and they won't stop any time soon.


John Hughes

In Anne Applebaum's "Gulag" she discusses the 'stolypinki' which were the prisoner transport rail cars, allegedly introduced by Stolypin.

Francesco Stolfi

Actually, the first document posted confirms what Duncan said, i.e. that Lenin and the Bolsheviks declared that they would boycott the Duma elections of 1907


Chortling - absolutely enjoying this series - but the comments are epic too.
But the whole thing about the Bolsheviks DECLARING they will not participate, but some of them participating - and then explaining why it was important to participate. Way to stay #OnBrand.
And I am certain a new faction was founded in the Bolsheviks because of this - the non-runners, the runners - and then sub-sub factions of those who lost and won.



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