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11 January 2021


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“Homage to Catalonia” is one of the few books I was assigned in college I actually enjoyed and in my opinion is vastly superior to anything else Orwell wrote.


Excellent episode! I have but one thing to say otherwise, in Polish, the ł letter is pronounced the same as an English W. Białystok is pronounced bya-wih-stok.


The fascist street gangs of that time sound so uncannily similar to the ones operating in the US today that when you were describing their tactics I could feel the floor with my jaw repeatedly.


@Joseph He's probably using Russian pronaunciation, which is based on Lithuanian Balstoge, where "L" is present.

Nature of multi-ethnic regions.

Anyway great episode. I think it may be overlooked, but just for context, at the same time, many ethnic minority regions also began to organize their own parliaments during 1905, such as Vilnius Seimas. This is part of why so many soldiers were deployed in these regions.


The Russian name of the city is "Belostok", because the river it sits on is called "Biała" in Polish and "Bela" in Russian (both mean "white"; Russian doesn't have the sound "ł").

The origin of the name is supposedly Yotvingian, which is a cousin to Lithuanian, but it probably got into Russian through Polish because it was a Polish city when it came under Russian administration.

So glad to have Mike back! Very much looking forward to the treat of hearing about Stolypin (aka Witte 2.0) having eaten our veggies hearing about the pogrom.


In the wake of the Russian revolution of 1905, a peasent revolt started in Romania in 1907. It would be interesting to notice how much the 2 events are correlated.

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