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03 January 2021


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Stephen Splaine Isherwood

Good to have you back. Also good to have a bit of the Duncan dry humor. More of that, please.

Shane Doherty

That was indeed a pretty concise summary that helped put all the pieces on the board.

Also you forgot the Committee to Free Galilee.


I missed Mike a lot. I didn't miss Nicholas stupidity, though.

Gerard Farrell

Good to have you back man!


I put forward the motion that we call the next phase of the Russian Revolution:

Russian Revolution 2: Soviet Boogaloo.

Excellent episode as always, can’t wait to see what your bext project us after you knock this one out if the park.

Airlangga Julio

Finally, I need my daily dose of Mike Duncan.


Good to hear from you again!!!

Hilary Fabian

So good to have you back - I couldn't have survived lockdown without my daily dose of Revolutions! I listened to all of them - yes, right back from 1.1 - and now that I've caught up, I'm ready for the next episodes.

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