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25 December 2020


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Dear Mike,

I am really happy to hear that you are fine. Please take your time with the podcasts. What an awful ordeal! as they say “you gotta do what you gotta do”. 1- get better . Breathe. 2- finish the manuscript. Breathe. 3- podcasts. Breathe. Honestly we can wait and given the excellence of your podcasts, it is worth the wait. These are crazy unpredictable times and I am happy to hear the illness is in the rear view mirror.

I hope you and your family have a well deserved holiday and a badly needed break.

Charles W


Just relieved to hear that 2020 didn’t claim another victim and that my favorite history podcaster is back in business. Sending prayers for you and your family for a happy and healthy 2021. BTW, can’t wait for the new book! “Hero of Two Worlds” just went on my must buy list!

Jimmy mcc

Yayyy :) best xmas ever v excited for revolutions. Glad you are ok if you were sick or Something!

Shane Doherty

I can relate to sudden completely non-Pandemic medical stuff turning up out of nowhere. Nice to go back to your podcasting history once again for book titles!


Man, what an ordeal you've been through. Don't worry, take your time, no one is angry because we know that 2020 was a horrible year for everyone, and you've already gave us hours and hours of free entertainment and information (also, it's not like your hiatus is in a GRRM level or anything).

Anyway, looking forward to the book and the return of the podcast.

Nick Collett

Looking forward to the return but like the other comments, take it easy and hope you and the family of my favourite podcaster keep safe and well👍

Wan Yiwen

Best Xmas news (now that the ordeal is over)! Can't wait to hear from you again, but take it easy!


Whish you best health


Well that is some fantastic news. Looking forward to listening in the podcasts, once you’re fully recovered. We can certainly wait some more, if it means you’ll be back in full health.

Et puis joyeux Noël !

D’un fan du Québec


Sounds like an absolute ordeal, glad you’re ok and hopefully having a peaceful and relaxing christmas period.
I’m looking forward to part 2 (and the Lafayette book!) but please don’t stress about getting it out, take the time you may need to recover physically and mentally!
Thanks for all the superb content, wishing you the best!

Dave Walter

Hey Mike - Sorry to hear of your travails. Kidney stones happened to me too. Very painful and terrifying - who knew not dying could be so painful? First operation worked for me, though, they grabbed that spikey ball of crystals and dragged it out of my ureter. Stent was painful and humiliating, but what I chiefly remember is the nurse chatting with the doctor about her dinner last weekend at Crab Key as they pulled it out of my willy. Anyway, I live in fear of a repeat and try to stay hydrated and avoid foods high in Calcium Oxalate. Looking forward to the book. Take care.


Sorry to hear about all your issues and glad to hear that you're doing better now. I've been waiting for the 1917 revolution for about seven years now so another couple of months is no big deal. Take it easy and don't overload yourself!

Taylor Hill

Hey, Mike. Really sorry to hear about all of that. We're all pulling for you here. Focus on getting better above all. Nothing is more important than that.

Iain Giles

I am sorry to hear that you had such a rough time but delighted that you are through it now. I am looking forward to the next episode dropping, but as many above have already written please make your own well-being your first priority. Then make the well-being of your family a very close second; it must have been pretty tough period for Mrs Revolutions, too.

In the past, I have always appreciated how regularly your podcasts came out. It was like a weekly meeting with an old friend. If, however, those meetings have to be a little less frequent for a bit, then that is no problem. We will still be here!

I remember fondly the generosity of spirit that you showed at the beginning of episode 10.39. Please direct some of that same generosity on yourself now.

Sam Edelman

So sorry to hear about your health issues, but glad you're doing better! I just wanted to join the other commenters in saying that as eager as I am for more episodes, I wouldn't want you to rush your recovery for our sake. Take your time getting healthy, physically and mentally, and whenever more episodes are ready we'll be happy to listen to them.
p.s. I'm an American who moved to Israel four years ago, so I've also had some frustrations trying to navigate medical bureaucracy in a second language. I know how exhausting and demoralizing it could be for me, and I was never dealing with anything as urgent or as serious as you.

H Williams

Hi Mike,
I'm still back in the French Revolution, mostly because I got lost shortly after that and decided that it was well worth my time to re-listen to your older episodes rather than try to figure out where I left off and miss something important. Having binged the History of Rome a few times while at my work bench and now moving through Revolutions it goes without saying that I very much enjoy your work.

So, in the traditional reversal of roles that comes with Saturnalia, now I get to communicate with you as I wish you continued good health. To this I would only add that, so far, my favorite line from your podcasts has to be, "Boo Clodius' supporters, boo." I've no idea why but I crack up every time I hear you read those words.

Thank you for your candor and expert story telling.


Mike, I’m sorry to hear your 2020 was, well, pretty much like everyone else’s: flaming manure spilling from an overturned dumpster flowing through an orphanage. Indeed, while I lost track of your anticipated return date, I was getting pretty salty about no further episodes. (I don’t do social media because I still want to love humanity)

I should’ve known it was a 2020 thing. My apologies.

P. Frasa

While I already listened to THoR a number of years ago, it's only this year that I embarked on the revolutions tour de force... and what can I say, I listened to all of 9.5 revolutions in a single year - and also read The Storm Before the Storm -, so I guess I found a way to put the pandemic year and the lockdowns and semi lockdowns to some use...

I must admit that the first two revolutions didn't yet capture my interest as much (maybe also because I'm not British or American), but I totally fell in love with the complexity of the French Revolution. Then, the other revolutions were surprisingly captivating as well - big shoutout to the Haitian Revolution, about which I knew basically nothing, and which might now be my second favourite. I also enjoyed Latin American independence and the tragic character of Simon Bolivar (as well as the ridiculousness that was Gregor MacGregor, lol) more than I would have thought, and the Mexican Revolution was the one I didn't even know was a thing before this podcast, and it turned out pretty insightful too.

Of course, I'm now excited about the second act of the Russian Revolution, even though I must admit that I'm already having some trouble keeping all of the names and events and groups/parties straight in my head.

I wonder what happened to the anarchists: you mentioned early on in this series that there would be other types of anarchism in the generations following Bakunin, and they also often get an offhand mention ("everyone was against X, liberals, socialists and anarchists"), but we haven't heard about any larger organisation or any specific thinker since basically Bakunin, IIRC. Do they play a role again at some point?

I generally loved the excursion into the various socialist and anarchist theories. While I'm sure there's still a lot more to be said about it, it also already gave me some historical perspective on some of the debates we're still having to this day (especially Bakunin's idea that there is no true freedom without equality is such a wonderful contrast to the libertarian / anarcho-capitalist bubble you sometimes see expressed in certain parts of the internet).

I was sorry to hear about the troubles you had this year and am glad you're already doing better. It's gonna be different having to wait for episodes one at a time now (when before I would just maybe listen to 2 or 3 of them while going for a walk or cooking), you should definitely take as much time as you need for it.

Sorry for the long post, but this series was a really big part of my year, so I felt I had to share my appreciation.

Zach P

Really sorry to hear about the health issues, been re-listening to the history of Rome, restarted the revolutions podcast, so hoping to catch up to you sometime in the middle of part 2.

Looking forward to everything you got coming out in 2021, I will get as many of my friends as I can to buy your book!

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