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01 March 2020


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Allan Carscaddon

Hey, there is some audio funkiness around 8:30, not sure if there is something you can do about that

Antti Rasinen

The episode mentioned the minority nationalities at the periphery. I'd like to add that Saint Petersburg itself was geographically at the periphery. The Finnish border was only 25 kilometers away from St P, or about the same distance as Kronstadt or Tsarskoye Selo.

Also the closest large cities were all inhabited by the minority nationalities. Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga were all closer than Moscow, and Vilnius nearly so. The national sentiments in Finland and the Baltics weren't just a concern in the periphery; they were a real strategic threat to the security of the capital.

Sandy Gunn

Loving the Revolutions podcast. I did this period of history at school and thought I knew it, but the detail is excellent.
Just wanted to point out the shock of The Battle of Tsushima. The first major fleet action by any navies in around 100 years. Modern Japanese, big gun, fleet which was British trained.
11 Russian battleships against 5, though Japanese had more cruisers 23:8
Losses Russia 4000+ dead 7 battleships sunk + 26 others sunk ,captured or disabled against Japanese 117 killed
This lead Royal Navy to heavily invest in modern battleships including Dreadnought class. So this battle had many rippling consequences.

Abby Goldsmith

I just watched "The Last Czars" on Netflix, and it is fascinating to see the events you're covering from the perspective of the Romanov dynasty. It's a nice contrast to your awesome podcast, which focuses more on the proletariat and disgruntled workers.

I've listened to your History of Rome podcast as well as the Revolutions. Thank you for making history accessible.


"O god, please take back our Tzar
We do not need him
He was boinked in the forehead
By the japanese..."

Russian folk poem of the period.

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