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17 February 2020


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Hi Mike! As a Russian speaker, let me give you a tip on Russian surnames. Whenever your see "e" at the end, you should pronounce it. There is no such thing as silent e in Russian.
So, it applies not only to Witte, but also to Struve and Plehve :)
You series on Russian revolution is great! I learned a lot of the facts about these events in high school, but listening to you I can see a cohesive narrative of the revolution for the first time.


This seems to be the third/fourth episode that has been ended with statement that the revolution has begun.... I see that Mike Duncan was not exaggerating when he said that Russian Revolution is his passion.


Hey, love the series! For those who can't wat: Shostakovich wrote his 11th symphony about this revolution, and describes in the first two movements bloody sunday. (Full explanation here ; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symphony_No._11_(Shostakovich)


Hmmm. Thinking about it, if this is the Estate's General, then Bloody Sunday is the Massacre at the Champ-de-Mars or Storming of the Bastille. No?

Patrick Bryant

May I recommend the History of Japan podcast, courtesy of Isaac Meyer? I bring it up because he specifically has a whopping 11-part series on the Russo-Japanese War called, "The Maelstrom." (Check page 2.) Of course, he is looking at the war primarily from the context of Japan, but it gives very good information about how and why both sides ended up fighting.


Antti Rasinen

The Paris bloc meeting has a connection with the Russo-Japanese war. The Finnish nationalist party was headed by Konni Zilliacus, who had just half a year earlier accepted large sums of money from Japanese spies.

That money was intended to destabilize Russia further. It seems it worked almost as well as the bad news from Japan.

Colm Doyle

I fancy myself a Naval Buff :) and said you needed to include more naval matters when we met in SF, Mike.


And I know what’s coming, and it’s only tangential to the revolution in question, I have to give a shout out to the excellent Drachinifel. His humorous and comprehensive take on the military part of what’s about to happen is fantastic


Please give him a shout out Mike!!!

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