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19 January 2020


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Peter Kindell

"Var sak har sin tid"(Swe)
There is a time for everything! 


"So long! Thanks for all the fish!"

Dylan Rodrigues

... So sad it had to come to this.

Ron Smallwood

I'll miss your voice. I will be hoping that your future includes books (with audio editions) and may be a podcast. Even a monthly podcast like WHAT MIKE FOUND INTERESTING LAST MONTH. Your HISTORY OF ROME got me addicted to podcasts and I dread a future without your voice entertaining me while informing me. Best of luck in the future.


I just discovered your podcast - and now you’re ending it?!? Sucks!!


A great choice and a sad choice;

A great choice taking a sabbatical -
we all support good books, fathers, families and mental health!

A sad choice -
many many moons ago, somewhere, you speculated the podcast could end the series with the Iranian Revolution.
I was shocked, I'd just blithely assumed it'd all end with the Russian Revolution - but then the more I thought about it, the more the Twentieth Century seemed littered with Revolutions and I pondered what treasures were left to be unearthed. So it is sad to hear you are going out with Russia.
Having said that, although it is sad to hear your choice, always better to do something with love and enthusiasm than out of a sense of half-hearted duty


Trying my best skywalker impression: NOOOOOOOO !!!!!
Argh fair enough! Good luck with the book! Since we're in the limbo for 6+ months don't hesitate to share some other podcast we could feed on while you are working on your greater design :)


Yes, would love some recommendations for similar quality podcasts while you are away.

Konstantinos XI Monomachos

This revolution being the last was expected - and that's very much mitigated by it being the longest AND the most interesting in recent history, but, HELL AND DAMNATION, a 6+month break??

It's 100% understandable - we must conserve Mike now, in order to enjoy Mike later.

But after 3 weeks away from the narrative suffering withdrawals I learn that I must brace for 6 months sober? Gotta check myself into history rehab now.

Robin Pierson (History of Byzantium) just came back from HIS nearly 6-month break, so that's something.

Richard Sims

Aw I was hoping that we'd get Cuban and Iranian revolution, but I much look forward to your next project.........

When's the next episode out?


Rip Iranian Revolution :(

Paul Hartvigson, Copenhagen

Salut. There is fair warning for folk to plan doing their own podcasts.

Before leaving Paris, maybe if you could do an extra episode on how the legacy of revolution plays into the current political face-off in France.

Intet varer evigt ("nothing lasts forever" in Danish)

Shane Doherty

Like Hadrian, deciding not to overextend by going beyond the Euphrates river.

Kinda sad, but hoping you go out on a high note!

Dylan Rodrigues

Mike, well, as I've said before, I hoped that the Revolutions podcast would continue until maybe the Arab Spring but it's better and only fair for you to conserve energy and passion for something YOU want to do. I will miss your voice for the 6 month break though; regardless, your health and family is more important than any podcast no matter how good :)

For everyone who will also miss Revolutions during those dreary six months, here are some podcasts you can listen to in the mean time:
- The Industrial Revolutions
- Pax Britannica
- The Age of Napoleon (who starts with the French Revolution, obviously, and is currently exploring the fallout from Napoleon's expedition to Egypt)
- Flash Point History (who has done series on the Punic Wars, Attila, and is currently on the Reconquista)
- The Fall of Civilizations Podcast


Thanks for everything! Like another commenter, was hoping for Cuba and Iran. Oh well--best of luck with the book.

Florian Herr

Sad to see the show go, but understandable. I'll definetely tune in to whatever project you decide to take on afterwards.

Are you positive you'll even continue as a podcaster or is it possible you'll "graduate" to writing books full time?

On a side note, will you record an audiobook version of Citizen Lafayette?

Dan Goldie

Oh my.... so many revolutions, so little time.

Hey I get it man, love the regular podcasts but also love (also hate) the wait & anticipation of each episode. Kinda like waiting for your fav tv show to drop its next season.

I have really liked Revolutions (history major) but I LOVED history of Rome. How tempted are you to do some other classics? Alexander? Homer? Herodotus, Sophocles, Histories from the classic period? I can just imagine... “hello and welcome to Ancient Stories...”

Ah well dreams are free


Seth Larson

You mentioned that at the end you will put together a retrospective episode, but I didn't catch if that was just for the Russian Revolution or something larger hitting the major bullet points of the revolutionary age (I hope for the latter).

One of the things I've found so remarkable about listening to these stories is how quickly the world went from a state of peonage and slavery dominated by a few powerful families to having broad and unshakable belief in things like universal sufferage, representative governments, the rights of man and constitutions. The whole thing happened in like, 150 years...it's insane. I find it especially timely with the our modern political discourse and my perspective has changed from a view where everything was degrading to a more nuanced understanding of our place on the continuum of progress. Your work is transformative!

So, thanks for everything, good luck with Citizen Lafayette (I loved The Storm Before the Storm) and it will be exciting to follow your work into the future!

Ben Waxman

As someone who only recently found your web site, I am very sorry to see that the end in near. I was hoping that you'd do the Spanish Civil War, Spain being a country to which I have some affinity. I also hope that the web site will remain up.

A six month break isn't so long; it will give me a chance to catch up on various histories. After that, I look forward to pre-ordering your book!

Having said all that, your priorities are spot on. Family and health first.


I legit had an emotional reaction to this announcement. I first started listening to Mike Duncan with The History of Rome in 2014 during a monumental transition in my life and have listened to every episode of THoR and Revolutions since. I can't put in words the impact his work has had on me and my worldview. I hope that I can pay it forward some day and help others come to a better understanding of the story of humanity.

Thank you for everything, Mr. Duncan, I hope that I can shake your hand one day.


I started listening to The History of Rome in the summer of 2018 and just now caught up with the podcast. This is the first "episode" I listened to as it came out :|

Oh well, I suppose this series has been running almost as long THoR and, as you said, all good things must come to an end. I'll have to comb through the comment sections here, to find all those other history podcasts you've mentioned to keep me company.

Thank you for all these hours of educational content, I've recommended your podcasts to people I know and I feel like my life has been enriched thanks to listening to these. Looking forward to the rest of this revolution and whatever comes next. Best of luck to you, Mike!


A few recommendations for history and/or intellectual history podcasts are below. I have learned a great deal from all of them. All the podcasters have done (or are doing) a great job of researching, organizing, and presenting content.

The Best of the Best and the Rest of the Best:

History of English by Kevin Stroud
History of Byzantium by Robin Pierson
Literature and History by Doug Metzger
History of England by David Crowther
History in the Bible by Garry Stevens
The Ancient World by Scott Chesworth
History of Persia by Trevor Culley
History of Philosophy by Peter Adamson
History of Egypt by Dominic Perry
History of Ancient Greece by Ryan Stitt
Russian Rulers by Mark Schauss
The Layman’s Historian (History of Carthage) by William Hubbard
History of Poland by Trevor Gilbert

Anthony Damiani

I am, of course, disappointed at the thought of hearing less of you in the future-- the book sounds delightful, but won't fill the same space in my day. But you have to do what's right for you and your family, and I can only wish you good luck and success in your endeavors going forward.

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