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26 January 2020


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It's strange. I'm russian and I can't find anything about the Bauman affair on russian resources. The wiki page doesn't mention it, the social democratic party wiki page doesn't mention Bauman at all, the other sites are mostly either just conspiratorial or otherwise trash or the one site of the university bearing his name none of which report on such a thing.

I don't mean to say it's false I just puzzled. I myself am disinclined to trust russian webpages because they are usually shoddy, likely to be less trustworthy and more biased.


Hi "Monday" :) if you do find, please share! Never heard of it either


Actually, the wiki page mentions it:

Konstantinos XI Monomachos

The *English* Wiki mentions it, but no Russian language biography includes anything of the sort. Someone needs to hunt down the English source - the Orlando Figes book (with the not very objective title of "A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution") to see what the original source of this claim is. I'm sure Soviet biographies would have overlooked the story, but the original source has to still be Russian.


Precisely, Konstantinos. Russian wiki page is also much shorter, which is uncanny.

I've found a website which is heavily anti-stalinist, anti-soviet and seemingly amateur which mentions the affair. It comes with some russian reference literature, which might contain the records of it.



Hmm, sounds interesting. I too, have never heard of this event. Sounds the an opportunity to do a collective investigation.

Ron Sparks

The “Bauman affair” was described in the book “Lenin: A Political Life” by Robert Service. In a weirdly ironic twist, the title of the chapter where this account is found is “Storms Before the Storms”.


Hello Mike,
I really enjoy listening to your podcast. I like especially when you link various events into the global perspective. I hope it is not a spoiler for the Russian Revolution, but are you planning to cover the Basmachi revolt?
Thank you and have a nice day,

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