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20 January 2020


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Hi Mike,

I believe you've presented an incorrect view of Lenin's "What is to be Done?" in this episode. In this book, Lenin was not worried about the workers drifting away from socialism; he was celebrating the fact that they were moving towards it! Also the mainstream commentary about "spontaneity" (which is often mistranslated from the Russian) often misses the point. See Lars Lih's book on the subject, "Lenin Rediscovered: What is to be Done In Context."

Dylan Rodrigues

Mike, well, as I've said before, I hoped that the Revolutions podcast would continue until maybe the Arab Spring but it's better and only fair for you to conserve energy and passion for something YOU want to do. I will miss your voice for the 6 month break though; regardless, your health and family is more important than any podcast no matter how good :)

For everyone who will also miss Revolutions during those dreary six months, here are some podcasts you can listen to in the mean time:
- The Industrial Revolutions
- Pax Britannica
- The Age of Napoleon (who starts with the French Revolution, obviously, and is currently exploring the fallout from Napoleon's expedition to Egypt)
- Flash Point History (who has done series on the Punic Wars, Attila, and is currently on the Reconquista)
- The Fall of Civilizations Podcast


Mike, the podcast is going great! Thank you!
Finally, got to one of the most interesting characters - Trotsky. Just one note - his original last name is pronounced as [bronSHtein] with sh, not s.



Now that Trotsky is on the podcast, wonder when a certain Georgian gearing up for his own stretch in Siberia is going to be introduced...


@Dylan Rodrigues
“I hoped that the Revolutions podcast would continue until maybe the Arab Spring”
How does anyone manage to assume that tackling an issue as loaded and technically still ongoing as THE ARAB SPRING would be a good idea for a podcast?

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