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02 December 2019


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Ron Sparks

Excellent episode as always. I loved your reference to my favorite Heinlein novel, which really is a manual for revolution as well as a great story. That’s a literary combination that is truly difficult to achieve, but Heinlein managed it.


Please put on Spotify please.
Thanks much.

Erlea Stojanović

Thank you, Mike, for doing this awesome work!

Community transcript: https://github.com/podcasts-srt/mike-duncan-revolutions/blob/master/s10e24-The-Union-of-Struggle-for-the-Emancipation-of-the-Working-Class.srt , anyone please feel free to contribute your fixes and improvements.


The direct download does not work


Hey, just a recommendation. I noticed you switched to the even more lossy .m4a format. May I recommend .FLAC? .m4a isn't supported on some audio players and .FLAC sounds better anyway.

The cackle of .m4a irritates my ears.

Havard Saksvikronning

Why not publish episode 24 on Spotify as well?


Spotify employee (and fan) here. If you're having trouble posting ep. 24 to Spotify, please email me and I'll contact the podcast team.


the direct link does not redirect to the mp2 file download


direct download link still does not work.


Can you also post an mp3, my players can't handle m4a format. I'm not sure it would support FLAC format either.


I literally screamed when you mentioned The Moon Is A.... (that's when I started screaming). Thanks! Other Heinline works rub me the wrong way but I totally love that one. The Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson has a political revolution in space of similar quality, though it's longer and messier. Great job on the Russian revolution! It's a good time to learn about Russia. Did the current regime read On Agitation? Maybe found out what Americans are really upset about and did the modern-day equivalent of passing out leaflets? I mean Facebook posts, though I'd prefer a hundred paper cuts from leaflets dipped in vodka. We do seem pretty agitated, don't we? Was Brexit Vilna and the USA St Petersburg? Just one fascinating angle of learning a political history of which I know so little, even after learning Russian and going to the USSR. Lenin's tomb was closed because they had to sew his ear back on. Poor guy. Thanks again!

Richard Nystrom

I hope you are not changing to this different file format. It does not play on the player I use for the other 40 plus hours of podcasts I listen to each week (truck driver). I would be disappointed to have to quit listening to your work.

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