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25 November 2019


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Gregory Walker Levitsky

Another great episode, Mike, thank you!

I wanted to respond to the note about stress marks that was made on the last episode: part of the problem is that there are standard English pronunciations of many of the historical figures you're dealing with: Romanov, Rasputin, etc. Some of these are laughably off the mark (ROmanoff instead of RomAnov, RaspYUtin instead of RaspOOtyeen, and so on).

So maybe there's room for correcting the record with some of the surnames, especially the ones that won't be immediately familiar to your listeners. Among these are KROOP-skaya (not Krup-SKA-ya as someone wrote) and KYEryensky, rather than KerEnsky.

As I wrote before, I would be more than happy to help with any Russian pronunciations as you go forward, as I'm sure would many of your other listeners.


Erlea Stojanović

Thanks, Mike, for the new great episode!

Community transcript: https://github.com/podcasts-srt/mike-duncan-revolutions/blob/master/s10e23-On-Agitation.srt . Anyone please feel free to contribute your improvements

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