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07 October 2019


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When you finish with the socialists, would you go back to follow after the russian anarchists in exile? Pyotr Kropotkin is probably one of my favourite revolutionaries of all!

Louie Hehman

I'm sure others have caught this, but Alexander III was 36 when he became tsar, not 26. I believe that Nicholas II was 26 when he took the throne, which may have been the source of the mixup. Thanks so much for your fantastic on the series so far!!


History of the russian revolution. Episode 17. Not even got to the 20th century yet. I love it :)


Is anyone having issues with the playback? It keeps spontaneously pausing around the 17-18 minute mark.


No problem using Overcast app on iPad.


The Royal Tenenbaums, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvuhazMDpeg


Hi Mike,

Is it possible to cover the (failed) german revolution of 1918-19, of Rosa Luxembourg fame, after the (successful) russian one? The German evolution is virtually unknown..

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