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23 September 2019


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Paul Penny

In this and last week's podcast Mike sounds sick, exhausted, or depressed. I hope he's doing all right and, if not, feels better soon.

Konstantin T.

Your description of Nechayev's activity is wonderful! Do you happen to know how Nechayev was portrayed in the official Soviet historiography? The same question goes to the community.

Konstantin T.

About pronunciation tips... try pasting Russian text into the Google Translate app (available as a Web or mobile app). Then play the sound of it. Note that the second time the sound would play slower.

Vlad B.

I second the pronunciation tips — a slightly more accurate pronunciation would be a big help in looking up the terms you talk about in the podcast. In the word "narod" for example, the "o" is spoken like an "oh" instead of an "ah".

On a side note "narodnichestvo" is commonly translated as "populism", that may be easier to understand from a western point of view.
Keep up the great work, love your podcast!


At the start of the episode you say the Sound Education Conference is September 9-12. It’s in fact on October 9-12 and has not happened yet.

Kevin Alkire

For some reason this week's segment is only about 8 min long on Google Play.


Just wanted to say I’m really loving these ‘background’ episodes. I genuinely don’t mind how many episodes you do before you get to 1917.


Why the 5am Monday release time rather than the earlier (late Sunday) release times? I always enjoyed my late night fix on Sunday night.


@Owen: I had to pass last Monday without my episode and had to wait until Tuesday. If this goes on, the pitchforks will be coming!


Oh, come on, give the guy a break. He is jogging this immense topic, with research and production, living in Paris and managing his family, while researching and writing Citizen Lafayette. Surely a leeway of one-two days can be given to him, right?!

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